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My Fling With WP Travel Deluxe Pro

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Posted 24th May 2012 at 03:40 AM by WordPressurize
Updated 25th May 2012 at 10:43 AM by WordPressurize (update)

I'm picky.

I've been on Warrior Forum for about six months, and before I'd only purchased a few WSOs. And, I'm subscribed to Lantz' mailout, so a few WSOs is picky, trust me.

My first was EasyWPSEO for WordPress. It's still making me money today. The other two were Micro Niche Finder and BackLink Skyrocket. They each had their benefits. But, they were all a type of software solution. My last one wasn't.

I remember reading an outrageous recipe for a meatlovers' roast. I can't remember the exact ingredients, but it went something like beef roast, stuffed with lamb, wrapped in bacon, wrapped in chicken, covered in pork or something crazy like that. It sounded like everything you wanted that could possibly be wrong together.

WP Travel Deluxe Pro was a lot like that roast. It looked good, sounded good, made sense, and was based on a solid idea. But, after I bought it, I realized that all I was paying for was the idea, because everything included in the WSO (and I use "everything" loosely) consisted of information, directions, and a header, footer and homepage, otherwise referred to as a theme.

I told you I was picky. In this case, I'm also bias. I'm a new media solution developer who spends a large amount of time building 5-figure web solutions for clients. So, this is my stomping ground. The setup and configuration of this WSO was a nightmare for most people, resulting in a massive support que that got so overwhelming for the seller that he had to close the offer early. But, for me it was a breeze. I had it up in less than an hour, and actually did it in my kitchen while cooking dinner for my son. After dinner, I dumped the theme and created a new one, and started tinkering to see what else could be done. I ended up with But, countless others were in a real pickle, which I found very unfortunate, because even when they get it up, to turn it into money would be an uphill battle.

The Main Problems

WP Travel Deluxe Pro should have been called "How To Make Money Using Travel Affiliate Systems", or something like that. Let me explain.

First, the solution that completes the conversion (free) doesn't need WordPress. Actually, it doesn't even use WordPress. So, use of WordPress is actually a preference of the WSO author, which I agree with. However, he touts it as a WordPress solution, which it is not. It's actually a price comparison website provided by the affiliate provider.

Second, the WordPress theme included attempts to use one page convert traffic to prospective leads. There are no other content pages included. Additionally, that one page (I won't put the onus on the theme itself) is an SEO nightmare, as it has limited indexable content. It consists only of links and images. Even the call to action text are images.

Third, the WSO author advised that there was millions of pages of content, however, this content is outside the buyer's control, not within the WordPress installation, not manipulatable, and not indexable. The content is the pages of price comparisons, hotel reviews, and description pages - all which do nothing on their own to benefit a buyer's website.

Fourth, as the affiliate provider is known to only payout if a minimum conversion rate is met. Therefore, there is a major, although understated requirement that the traffic maintains a good conversion rate, i.e. quality traffic. Strong conversion strategies and campaigns, and high quality compelling content would likely be needed to make this a lucrative and successful endeavour. However, this was very much under emphasized. I knew it before I bought it that there would be work. I expected it. But, for those who do not know the effort associated with quality content and sales funnelling, there was sure to be issues.

Fifth, the directions for setting things up didn't quite take enough into account. Such as, not everyone would be using the same hosting platform. Nor did it take into account that not everyone would be able to unzip an archived file through a file manager in their hosting account. Nor did it take into account that the theme was built in such a way that would make revisions to it very cumbersome for the average Joe. Etc, etc, etc.

In All Fairness

People are strange. I would have still paid $25 for the WSO if it was a 20 page eBook, but many people might not have. But, an eBook could have given them everything this WSO had and more, without all the hiccups. And, I've never done a WSO, so I'm just assuming that the believe is right that people are drawn in byt the glitz and glitter, more than by 20 pages of words. I could always be wrong.

I think this author tried his best, and it sure seems like he's still trying his best to provide the best support. Unfortunately, the WSO just isn't enough for most people. They need better guidance on how to use it, OR they need a more robust application that will chaperone them. Because the success in using that WSO is in the quality content that must be created by the buyer.

So, I got to thinking...

This is the kind of thing I do after all. And, it's too easy to pick holes in someone else's solution when you have no intention of providing a better one. I don't want to be that guy. Why not just tackle this travel affiliate thing head on and see what I can make of it? Why not see if I can create the solution that I deem to be lacking?

- Andrew

UPDATE: I decided to take this on. You can find the start of the journey here:

1. WP-TravelGate: Beginning the Journey
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