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Copy How I Made My First Internet Sale

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Posted 30th October 2008 at 01:23 PM by WorldScope

I love simple stuff. Below is a simple step by step system that generated sale within the first month of trying. The following money generating system is really for beginners - those who have little internet marketing knowledge, little money to invest and a big motivation to earn an extra buck online.
There are millions of ways to make your first million on the internet. You only need to try less than 10 to realize what makes you feel comfortable. The start up trick is to ask yourself, "What is the system and how does it work?" Then give it your best shot. Within 6 months you will be able to determine whether it's worth pursuing or not.
You will notice that my simple system is broken down into 3 stages. Each stage has a check list of simple steps which you can tick off one by one as you implement the system. After you have completed all the steps, you will have a money generating system that you can fine tune for more sales and better profit.
The biggest problem for newbies is finding a platform to take your first business steps and to get a guide to point out the easy short cut.
Today I have solved your problem by giving you a FREE guide to your first internet marketing sale.
Stage 1 - Preparation
· 1. Register with - it's a method for paying and receiving payments without disclosing your bank and credit card details. It's FREE
· 2. Register with - It provides us with digital products to sell. So there is NO shipping, handling and delivery time. It's FREE
· 3. Register with - It provides us with a website to advertise our product. It's FREE
· 4. Register with - It provides us with a quick, easy and cheap way to advertise our product to the whole world. It's FREE.
Stage 2 - Execution
· 5. Open your account and click on MARKETPLACE at the very top of the page. You will see a list of categories at the bottom of the page. Pick one category, e.g. Health and Fitness. Choose a product that has the following 3 qualities: i) a gravity of more than 100 ii) low popularity iii) the seller's landing page looks convincing, realistic and it's a product you would buy (Look out for video, testimonials and long explanation of benefits and features of the product).
· 6. Get a HOPLINK. Copy and save it onto a Word file. You will need to copy this hoplink onto your website in step 11 below.
· 7. Read the product seller's website and save a summary of the benefits and features of the product in two paragraphs on a MS Word file.
· 8. Google the product and visit the top 3 affiliate-seller websites. Pick up 3 good items from your competition and use them to improve the product benefits summary you saved on MSWord in step 7.
· 9. Create your blogger website and name it with three names that relate to the product. Give the blog page a catchy title and include words like New, Revealed, Exposed and Truth, to create interest in the prospect customer.
· 10. Copy MS Word product benefits summary onto your website.
· 11. Using the HOPLINK you got from Clickbank, create 3 links to the seller's website: One at the very beginning of the page, another at the beginning of the second paragraph and the Third in the last sentence that says "CLICK HERE to read more".
· 12. Open your account and prepare your advertisement. Make sure the title is similar to the website title but not exact. Make sure the first line mentions one good benefit of the product. Make sure the second line invites the customer to find out about the product.
· 13. You only need to provide 6 keywords for each advertisement. First one is "product name" (note the double quotes), second is ‘product name' (note single quote marks), third is product name without quote marks, fourth is a common misspelling of the product name, fifth is the name of the main sellers website and sixth is the name of main affiliate website.
· 14. Set maximum bid at $0.20 and maximum for one day at $100. Set the advertisement for the whole world. Set the advertisement to NOT SHOW between 12 a.m. and 6a.m. to avoid fraudulent customers. Activate your advertisement.
· 15. Monitor your adword account daily to see if any customers are clicking on your advertisement. Also see the account balance to make sure you can afford to pay for the clicks.
· 16. Monitor your Clickbank account daily to see if there is any sale.
Stage 3 - Brute Force Techniques
· 17. When the first sale occurs note the date of sale and do the following simple record. Write down in your sales tracking book the following information: i) how many total clicks produced the first sale ii) How much money Google charged you for the clicks that produced the first sale iii) How much commission you made in sales in Clickbank account
· 18. Calculate the following number using the figures in step 17: Profit per click which is equal to (iii) -(ii)divide by(i)
· 19. Look for an experienced internet marketer to show you how to improve on the next level by using the numbers you get in step 17 and 18 for comparison.
· 20. In the meantime as you look for a guru to mentor you, teach these steps to 5 of your friends and together repeat the steps for 20 products within one month. I estimate you will be able to make at least your first $500 on the internet. This is a Brute Force Technique. It is not SMART, but it is better than sitting down and twiddling your thumbs.
Try the steps above and let me know how much you made in your first month. This valuable information is provided absolutely FREE of charge. Best Wishes from WorldScope.
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