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2 Guy’s 8 Figures: Perry Belcher plus Bonus

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Posted 22nd September 2015 at 11:50 AM by wrcato2

This is a review of 2 Guys 8 Figures Perry Belcher Interview
Title: Real Dirt Perry Belcher: 2 Guys 8 Figure ReviewFormat MP3/MP4 & Transcript PDF Interview:Perry Belcher hosted by Matt BacakRun time: 1:34.00 minutes of rock solid tips and strategies.

Perry Belcher 8 Figure Internet Marketing Bad Ass

Hey, Just to let you know that I have been following Perry since 2009. That’s 6 years I have been watching his emails in the IM world. I have plenty of great swipes from this guy, including one of my favorite subject lines: “Good News (for 50 people at least).”

The other day I was trolling at Warrior plus found this audio interview conducted by Matt Bacak, interviewing Perry Belcher. Now I have been around for a while and my generation (X), invented the term “Dash-Board University.” Which simply means learn while you drive or doing something else, like mow the yard.

I was reading the sales letter when my wife began harping for me to mow the lawn. Now my lawn is 3 plus acres and it takes a couple of hours to mow. With my wife screeching and telling me it was suppose to rain in a few hours, I hit the buy button.

I needed something new on my MP3 player anyway, and I understand if you want to make it to the top in any business you need to watch and listen to the leaders in your industry.

Anyhoo, I downloaded the files and put the MP3 on my player and happily went out to mow. For the first 20 minutes of the interview, it was interesting but light hearted, yet they kept it fun. Some of the thing you will learn from this interview are:

How Perry does Market Research

Some of the new media platforms that have proven themselves

How to get Idea’s on demand in the “Idea Incubation.”

Why learning Copywriting is going to set you far apart from your competition

Having an enterprise mindset for growth. Without this mindset you will never scale your business where it should be.

Perry’s Diversification model

Tracking and testing your business in order to squeeze every penny you can out of her.

How follow up funnels work, how Perry uses and scales them to create profit streams.[/I]

Which leads into…

How to value a customer for even more optimization.

That’s just the highlights of the interview. Perry talks about how he scales his non-digital businesses to get to that sweet eight figure mark.

I will tell you if you are not making at least a $1000 a month with your Internet marketing business by listening to 2guys eight figures, you will have several strategies to take away that will get you over that hump and possibly making $100,000 a year or even more.

The cons of 2 Guys Eight Figures:

There’s only one con to this product. In a couple of spots Perry’s voice is inaudible. I think he was on a cell phone walking around on a private beach. Thankfully it wasn’t at very crucial points. Otherwise I would have some nasty things to say.

The Pro’s of 2 Guys Eight Figures

There are so many pro’s to this product and I am going to have to list them.

How to get active in business with your marketing skills. This is a pretty hot topic among marketers

The New School SEO Paradigm if your not in the know... well you will just waste your time conducting seo as usual. Perry lays out the foundation of his results with SEO.

The big Three metrics that you will need to keep in check. If done wrong watch your business fold up faster than a nicely stacked set of domino's.

How Perry builds "huge value" with his companies using his "Gates" model, and flips them for Millions

Perry discusses how he runs his multiple streams of businesses and how to duplicate yourself in order them to run smoothly and almost automatically.

How to take your business from $100,000 to multi-millions a year with a great offer

Perry and Matt get into detail about restarting your business and doing right the second time. Matt made over 2 Million a year during his restart.

How to frame your mindset in order to grow your business and what to do when you arrive to keep it stable

How to create distribution points, use them as "fly catchers,' while you optimize and perfect your back end model for enormous profits.

If you sell low ticket digital products such as $7 or $10 eBooks, Perry tells you the secret from going from $10,000 to over a $100,000 a year.

I have noted over 50 benefits that you will take away from this audio, Video and pdf transcript. But I do want you to sleep tonight.

I haven't even touched on several points such as the new school SEO paradigm, How to get a stampede of paid traffic for pennies on the dollar, which you will have to hear it from the horses mouth Perry Belcher when you get your hands on 2 Guys 8 Figures product.

Final thoughts of 2Guys 8Figures: Real Dirt Perry Belcher

I really enjoyed this product. I learned a lot. Took lots of notes. Some of the things that I took away from it I have begun to implement in my own business.
Baby steps and planning for growth toward many of the tactics you'll glean form 2 guys 8 Figures.

Who is 2 Guys 8 Figures for?

Any business and marketer that wants to take their business to the next level. Or several levels in concessive well planned steps. One at a time, of course.

Don't expect from the information in this product to take you from where you are now to a Billion dollars in the next year. It just ain't going to happen, unless you have been there before.

Instead use the information to your advantage. If your business is making a $1,000 a month use the info to scale your business easily to $10,000 in 6 months.

This product isn't for everyone. Not every business, even though they may dream big, really don't have the proper attitude for scaling a billion dollar business.

That's okay, I know several business owners that are happy at a six figure earnings.

Really, is this all about a billion dollar businesses?

Hardly. Many of the thing discussed is all about mindset, balance and timing. The rest is just strategies and tactics to help get the your mind thinking and coming up with new idea's and seeing if they are scalable.

2Guys 8Figure Bonus

I have added a sweet bonus to this offer that will help your business begin to see some major growth. It's an hour long interview with Mike Filsaime And Tom Beal. Listen, as they Spill Their Guts On All The Secrets Behind Their 7 Figure Code Launch...

Some of the things you'll discover:

All the ins and outs of their massive launch and how and why this was one of the most successful promotions of 2007.

Why it’s important to set a launch date and then stick to it.

Understand the psychology of putting offers in front of your customers.

See why you don’t have to have it right, you just have to get it going and why Taking advantage of the opportunity to learn from their mistakes will make you even more successful in business and life.

The 2 Guys 8 Figure Bonus, is a nice match. If your a product creator, it will help you understand the launch formula.

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