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Acheivable Business Success Formula

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Posted 11th January 2017 at 09:24 AM by wrcato2

The Achievable Business Success Formula

Have you ever noticed how people are so curious about what holds the #1 position on lists?

Whos the #1 affiliate on Warrior Plus?
Whats the #1 top Traffic Model?
Wheres the #1 best SEO back linking deal on Fiverr?
No one has ever asked me, William, whats your #16 productivity strategy.

People want to know what ranks at the top. The best of the best.

What I am going to share with you right now is without doubt my #1 productivity strategy of all-time. It hasnt made me the #1 Affiliate on Warrior Plus, (yet) but it has made me and my business more focused and moving forward, and since this is the beginning of the new year, I thought you might be interested.

Ive accomplished more with this strategy than anything else. No exceptions. Here it is in a nutshell

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Procrastination. Brian Tracy
Is you stick with a plan, you will achieve it. That means, you dont let little distractions prevent you from your daily goal. Now I am mentioning daily goals, planning, and I learned all of this ages ago.

When I was a Frozen food manager, I had a daily, weekly, and a monthly planner.

When I was a plumber I scheduled the hardest tasks first (thats called eating my frog.) Then all the easier repairs were done a little latter.

As an affiliate marketer and freelance writer, I use a planner. So much time for clients, and so much time for content creation, and so much time for promotion (list & Traffic generation.)

I write all this stuff in a notebook that I keep right next to me.

So how do you set your own Affiliate Success Formula, which you can be more productive and begin to profit from your time?

First you need to arrange your efforts around a primary purpose. Lets take freelance writing for an example. When I have clients creative to create, I generally schedule at least 2 hours to 4 hours in the morning to do nothing but create for the client.

But before you can achieve any reasonable success with any planner you need to have achievable goals. One of the biggest problems with this step is that most people set unreachable goals. I will get 200 new subscribers today than I did yesterday.


For some or for those that have big fat wallets, but for most affiliates this is really an unreasonable goal. What is reasonable?

When it comes to any part of your business, the best practice is only Yesterday. What did you achieve yesterday? What did you achieve last week in terms of increasing your business? Thats where you should start. Yesterday.

For example:

Lets say that you want to get a quality product ready to sell on Warrior plus, next week. If its going to be quality you will need a set of videos, and eBook.

Then you will need graphics made for your product and website, and possibly for affiliates to use on their sites. Then you will need emails for your funnel, emails for your affiliates, promotion and JV videos.

Where are you at so far with your product?
Whats that? You just have the idea?

Scratch goes the record. Ah, snap. That was my rare Beatles" album.

Remember achievable goals.

Next you need to create a list. So, you better grab a thick note book.

I have read planning books that tell you, you need to start at least a year in advance.

If youre like me, thats not going to happen.
Lets think this through a bit

How about a month in advance?

Okay, that is much better. Then you work it down to weeks, then daily achievable goals.
But then you will need to really think hard about all the goals that you need to do to achieve what you want to accomplish.

This sounds like a lot of hard work to me. Because now on top of thinking about every little task that will help me get to my main monthly goal,

I am also going to have to think about the layout and all the questions I need to ask myself before I can get a plan together.

Lucky for you I recently met a dude that has put together such a planner.

His name is AntCarter. Yes, really that is how he spells his name.

Any way, he has created this neat system that he calls Profit Map Academy for Creating an Online Business, Designed for Those Starting out or Struggling to See Success.

It isnt a planner really, but a system that will keep you on track, help you set your goals, and achieve success in your business.

After all Ant created this map system for himself and achieved to grow his business. He made over $30,000 last year. Now he is handing it to you.
Remember Brian Tracys saying above of the five Ps?
This year lets make it

Prior Proper Planning Procures Profits.

It all starts with setting a primary purpose, then creating an achievable goal, and the final step is to take action.
If your struggling in your business today, you owe it to yourself and your business to check out Profit Map Academy today.

I have included as a bonus "Mobile Marketing" PLR 5 pack. Here are the titles and word count:

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3. Personalizing Your Mobile Marketing Messages Words 521

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Heres to your success.
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