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How to get your emails open

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Posted 15th December 2009 at 09:18 PM by wrcato2

How to get your e-mails open
This is a subject that a lot of e-books have been written. If your subject lines are bad, no one will ever read your offer, because they will not open your email. Safe-list members are in a hurry, you will only have 3 seconds to capture there attention with your subject line. Think about that. Safe-list users are bombarded with thousands of emails on a daily bases. There is no way they can read all of them.
So what do they do?
You got it, they scan the subject lines in the emails and they tend to skip over the ones that look like it will take to much time or trouble to figure out. So your main job is to come up with a subject line that has a benefit. “Crows Feet lines gone in 5 days guaranteed” This is a perfect subject line that I used and received a whopping 25% open rate. Crows feet lines is the subject. Gone in 5 days is the benefit. Guaranteed is an added benefit. Years ago, I seen an ad that ran in the National Enquirer for years. It read:
“Corns gone in 5 days guaranteed”. It must have been a successful ad simply because it ran in the same rag for as long as I can remember.
If you want to learn how to get your emails open almost every time then I recommend getting on my email tactical tips & strategies list .
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