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Ed Dale's 30 day challenge

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Posted 4th October 2012 at 10:22 AM by xatsmann

I had tried Ed Dale's 30 day challenge and I got as far as day 4 or 5 but I couldn't come up with a decent niche marketing idea so I got discouraged and dropped out.

I have heard since then nothing but good things about it. You certainly can't beat the price--its free--and I thought I'd like to try it again so I signed up again. You can sign up too if you wish right here.

The guy who put up the URL to sign up--Louis Foussard, an Internet Marketer from MN--claims that this might not be free after this year but I saw no evidence of that in the video nor I have heard anyone else say that.

I mention this because I will try and go through the 30 day challenge as Ed recommends--which is one lesson a day with a week off between each week from the challenge--and I will be blogging about it the future.

I have to say the site is well done with all the lessons laid out for you to see on one page with each week as its own module entitled with something like "Keywords and Market Research". I am especially keen on trying the forum that you get access to; I want to see if it is a real community or not. Ed says it is and I hope he's right--it is always more fun to learn with people than completely on your own (although group projects are a different story and if you go to University of Phoenix online as I did for my Masters in MIS you'll see why :confused::confused::confused:--sometimes working with others is not all its cracked up to be.)

I've only watched the opening video so far--as I go through the lessons I will perodic update you all here.
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