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The obscure, tedious, and often misunderstood writings by a little known man and his attempt to start an Internet Marketing business with his brother.

The motto of this blog is the same as the motto used by Voice of America in World War II:
The news may be good or bad for us (but) we will always tell you the truth.
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Internet Millionaire by Jeff Usner

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Posted 5th October 2012 at 04:37 PM by xatsmann

I am about two thirds of the way through Jeff Usner's free book Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Success that you get here for free online, you just have to pay for shipping and postage.

This is the book that put the bug in my brother's ear about Internet Marketing so I guess you can blame this guy for me being back on here at all --seriously it got my brother, who lost his business several years ago back into wanting to try again so I that's a good thing.

I'm read the first five chapters of a total of ten chapters and its an easy read. Jeff's style is very conversational and down to earth so you won't feel stupid reading it even if you know nothing about the internet, marketing or computers. In fact, Jeff admits he's not all the tech savvy so the book is clearly coming from someone who is not a propeller head who will use obscure computer terms that you won't understand.

Like Ed Dale, Jeff has made a lot of money and the book is more or less his way of paying it forward. I have seen a lot of that on the Warrior Forum as well and you really have to just accept it. I think a lot of n00bies have trouble accepting the idea that people don't want anything in return for helping you out. Everyone is taught to to be business savvy means you have to distrust everyone and everything someone tells you so that they "rob you blind" and while that's good advice most of the time--there is no reason to listen to someone giving out free advice, especially if they have the internet marketing chops to back up what they are telling you.

I digress, the book itself, like most good IM books, whether they are ebooks or regular paper bound books, repeats alot of the same stuff you'll get from other people here on the warrior forum. This should not be a surprise as good advice will be repeated as people have sucess with it, in fact, that's one of the proofs that it is good advice. That's not to say if someone has discovered something knew it won't work, but if you're a n00bie the easiest way to tell if advice is good is simply test to see if anyone else is giving it out. If you find a lot of people are that's a green flag that it is good advice and you can go with it.

Jeff's advice is fairly straight forward and I'm seeing a lot of overlap with Ed Dale's 30 day challenge which I am doing right now as well. Both emphasis doing good market research to verify that your niche market exists and is there are willing buyers. Jeff has you do a few simple steps to do this, for example, checking for the presence of Google ads when you do a search in Google. If there are that is a good sign since it means people are making enough money to justify paying for the ads.

My biggest gripe about the book so far is that Jeff sends you to expensive sites like without explaining that you don't need to subscribe to use them, or he does, but later in the book. It put me off at first but then I realize, as he showed how to use them later on, you don't need to subscribe to use them although in some cases you won't get all (or much) information since you don't have access to the complete reports.

Right now I'm reading about starting and running campaigns. Again, I think there is probably a bit more emphasis on paid advertising than I feel comfortable with but I am not completely through the chapter yet so I will withhold judgement on that.

Overall though I think the book is great introduction into the world of IM. And you can't beat the cost--FREE! It is also relatively short at only 250 pages and fairly easy read so you should be able to read it in a week or less since it isn't all that dense in terms of words per page with lots of white space for note taking and makes it much easier to read.

So if you're looking for a good intro into Internet Marketing I would highly recommend this book as a good place to get started.
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