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The obscure, tedious, and often misunderstood writings by a little known man and his attempt to start an Internet Marketing business with his brother.

The motto of this blog is the same as the motto used by Voice of America in World War II:
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Pizza Card Advantage by Martin Buckley

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Posted 10th October 2012 at 11:05 AM by xatsmann

Today I will be discussing Martin Buckley's Pizza Card Advantage system which you can get here if you are interested.

As I said in my previous posts, I have been doing this whole online marketing business with my brother. He currently delivers pizzas for a few local pizza places and runs the deliveries as well. This gives him access to do good sources of potential revenue--one, the pizza or sandwich shop owners and two, the business customers who order their lunch for delivery during the day. According to my brother there is a lot of business who order more than once a week.

I was trying to think of away to leverage his knowledge of the pizza business--I actually wasn't thinking of using the customers much at all--when I stumbled across this system when reading the Offline Marketing Discussions forum here on the Warrior Forum. I immediately was intrigued since according the sales page the start up costs were low, basically nothing more than a few flyers and a couple of sample pizza cards, until you got some customers--you only needed to buy the pizza cards themselves AFTER you get the money from the customers. Since money is very tight right now I found this appealing.

I sent a copy of the URL to my brother's email and we discussed it that night and the a couple of days later we discussed it again and he bought the WSO from the URL in this post in the first paragraph. The low price and the 45 day money back guarantee sold my brother and myself on this system--at less than $10, we figured there wasn't much to lose.

I liked it immediately since it was short and to the point. The best business writing is like that, it cuts to the chase and tells you as business person what you need to do start making money. I also know my brother is not the greatest reader in the world so anything long will quickly lose his interest and I could see he would enjoy reading this as I did because of its brevity.

I don't want to give the system away but its easy to get it quickly up and running following the dozen or so steps you'll get if you buy it. The only advantage I have is that my brother, because of his work, knows a lot of the owners and he knows that they are ALWAYS looking for more business, especially now as times are still fairly tight for most small business owners.

However, you don't need to know any of the owners before you start--you can either use the marketing letter drafts included with the WSO or just write you own or approach the owners on your own with offer to help them by being the broker. Then you find someone who is willing to BUY the cards from you with the offer of "buy one large get, get one small pizza free" on the card. The beauty of the deal is that the person giving away the item gives away nothing up front since the card must be redeemed and they must buy a large pizza before you give out any free food, thus at least allowing the owner to break even (or perhaps make a small amount) when the card is redeemed.

Right now I am getting a DBA (doing business as) license for the county I live in so that we can open a business checking account in the name of the business. The business is a sole proprietorship right now as my brother is wants me to run the business with him providing the money since I am out of work. If the business does well I eventually plan to move to an LLC or a corporation with my brother so as to separate the corporate assets and money from our own personal assets.

I will keep you posted on our progress as we expect to start selling cards within the next seven days.
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