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Blogging Versus Article Marketing

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Posted 9th August 2012 at 06:09 AM by yellowarmour

What is Blogging?

When we write a blog, it is usually to teach, entertain or inform our readers of some future or past event we participated in or will do. They are usually trustworthy, as it has been written by a real person on a real topic.

Blogs can be described as being a mini forum, because they are available for people to comment on and communicate with us. This way we can also link to social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

How people communicate on blogs is by giving a comment on one of your posts, as a reply, therefore starting up a discussion. The blog owner or another viewer can then add their comments until you have a dialogue of conversation going. Communication in the past was done either face to face or over the telephone, but the new age of digital is giving us other options.

Blogs can be written as a sort of diary for yourself, that others can read on a particular topic that you enjoy. Make sure your niche is to do with something your viewers will be interested in, to get the right kind of comments. Too often people like to advertise on blogs that have nothing to do with the subject matter. This is known as spamming or junk mail.

When we post information onto a blog, it does not have to be all text. We add what is called embedded media. This is quite simply the addition of video, image, slideshows and audio. Some people choose to do a blog with media and no text at all. It depends on the individual’s taste.

To sum up, blogging is just a tool we use to publish our own content and to channel through the internet a gathering of human followers. To blog, you need real people to get things going. If you find this slow, get friends and family to help out.

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is basically a way to promote your website more efficiently than using a blog. It is written around keywords so that when your particular keyword is searched for in search engines, it will be picked out for your article. This is also known as the Keyword Effectiveness Indicator (KEI).

To advertise your article, for people to read, it is usually posted on to article publishing sites, such as With most of them, you can post your work on to them without having to pay, but there is a small majority that like to charge a fee.

Article marketing is the best way to advertise your site. The reason being, when people view your post they can place it on their website to promote their own niche, as well as what you are promoting, as long as it is the same as yours. This is carried on until you have many supporters due to others posting your article. To do this, they must still name you as the author. They cannot take credit for it themselves.

Keywords can be used and given hyperlinks to your website, in html format. This is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique. If you cannot use your keywords to link to your website, some article publishing sites will have a resource box where you can place the link. These are called one-way back links because they link back to your site and nowhere else. With the biggest majority of these sites being free posting your articles are very cost effective. Therefore, if your budget is low there is nothing stopping you from advertising your products. The Differences between Blogging and Article Marketing

There are a lot of similarities between blogging and article marketing, but there are a few differences. Blogging is more casual whereas writing articles is a lot more complex and objective, because in depth research is involved. Articles need facts, while blogging relies on the owner and the viewer’s opinions.

Article marketing is not used as a sales pitch. It is used to promote and make the reader aware of the advantages or disadvantages of a product, but they cannot actually tell a reader out right to buy. Blogging can be used a sales pitch, because it is informal and also relaxed. You can gain viewers like friends, because they will get to know you more through your blogs and gain your trust.

Since blogging is more casual it is mostly written this way, so grammar may not be perfect. Articles on the other hand have to be of a higher quality and error free.

Articles are written in the third person and blogging can be written in the first person. To make a good blog that people will read use short paragraphs, with light-hearted language and vocabulary. To write a good article make sure they have an appropriate title and accuracy.

Gain more friends and followers with blogging. Achieve more sales and customers with article marketing.

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