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The Proven Power of Human Thought

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Posted 29th December 2013 at 09:39 AM by Young Financier

Over the years, since I’ve been studying metaphysics, I’ve always heard non-believers refer to the idea of the human brain producing thoughts that are actual physical electric currents as complete lunacy. On one hand, I can understand why they’d do so, because of the way a lot of self-help authors have presented the subject of brain activity — in some cases, sounding outright ridiculous. But I’m gonna clear up the matter here with cold hard facts.

Since ancient times, as far as as ancient Egypt, people have always written about the power of the human brain and the brain’s ability to produce thought (which is mind in motion). But within the last century, there have been a series of scientific experiments conducted proving the human brain to be a transmitter and a receiver…similar to a radio. Dr. J.B. Rhine of Duke University conducted experiments during the early 1900s, on what was termed ESP (Extrasensory Perception) and Parapsychology. ESP, stated generally, is when a person gathers information sensed through the mind without any of the five physical senses — commonly referred to as telepathy, a hunch, intuition, gut feeling, etc.

There have also been Electroencephalograms (electrical tests) performed on the human brain has also proven that the brain is in fact an electrical object.

Here’s a Wall Street Journal article that gives scientific proof that thoughts are actual physical things by citing video games that are thought-controlled. You can check that that article out here.

Need even further proof? Here’s a video demonstration of a toy called, Mind Flex. As explained by the video’s author, the game uses brain waves to power a fan that floats a ball through an obstacle course.

As you can see, there’s no more room for people to deny the power of thought. Usually, this particular subject is discussed only in theory, but now you see it being discussed with tangible proof.

To expand on this train of thought, I’d also like to mention The Holographic Brain Theory. I first stumbled upon the Holographic Brain Theory while reading a book titled “The Isis Thesis.” In this book, the author Judy Kay King explains from a scientific standpoint what the ancient Egyptians knew about not only the Universe but about the human mind as well. To obtain this information, she’d decoded almost 900 of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. In this book, as mentioned previously, she discussed the Holographic Brain Theory, a subject which was made popular by psychologist Karl Pribram. Me describing Pribram’s theory would be too lengthy for to discuss in a single article, but I did find a source that explains it in a rather simple manner. You can visit that source by clicking HERE. Here are a few excerpts from the linked article that you may find interesting:

“Pribram believes the brain also comprises a lens and uses holographic principles to mathematically convert the frequencies it receives through the senses into the inner world of our perceptions.”

“Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn’t matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart.” (Sounds like telepathy)

“University of London physicist David Bohm, for example, believes Aspect’s findings imply that objective reality does not exist, that despite its apparent solidity the universe is at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram.”

“The electrons in a carbon atom in the human brain are connected to the subatomic particles that comprise every salmon that swims, every heart that beats, and every star that shimmers in the sky.

Everything interpenetrates everything, and although human nature may seek to categorize and pigeonhole and subdivide, the various phenomena of the universe, all apportionments are of necessity artificial and all of nature is ultimately a seamless web.

In a holographic universe, even time and space could no longer be viewed as fundamentals. Because concepts such as location break down in a universe in which nothing is truly separate from anything else, time and three-dimensional space, like the images of the fish on the TV monitors, would also have to be viewed as projections of this deeper order. “
That’s some pretty deep stuff!

Now the questions arises as to whether or not this proves scientifically proves the existence of The Law of Attraction. In my opinion, this isn’t concrete proof of The Law of Attraction (although I’m a believer in the concept because it works for me, I have to remain objective). The holographic brain theory does however make a strong case for the existence of The LOA. The basic theory back of the LOA is that thoughts are physical particles that are interconnected to the universe. Pribram’s findings leave no room for doubt as to whether or not that is the case.

Now that we know that our brains are part of the entire universe, that our thoughts effect physical matter everywhere and that our thoughts send and receive vibrational frequency, we now have to wonder whether or not those frequencies attract like experiences into our existence. This is where the road gets slippery. Based on my own experiences and experiences of those who tell me their stories while knowing nothing about any of this — I would say that it is true. But that’s pretty subjective. I will say this — if thoughts emitted from the human brain effects not only every physical and non-physical thing on earth but the entire universe, then it stands to reason that our thoughts possess the ability to effect our own personal experiences.

With that being said, Quantum Physics has proven that there’s an electromagnetic field which surrounds the earth and a few Quantum Physicists have gone as far as to say that human thoughts are also magnetic. If that is indeed true, then that would prove that we do attract circumstances into our lives. I also stumbled across another scientific finding which would favor the argument of thoughts being the precursor for human experience. We’ve all heard it said that before something exists in the physical world, it must first exists in the metaphysical world. In other words, you must conceive an idea before that thing can ever exist physically. Well, Quantum Mechanics have shown that energy exists as a wave of probably locations and motions in space. That energy is nowhere (physically) but yet is it everywhere at all times. The energy of which I’m speaking can be brought into existence only when something brings it into existence. Science has referred to this phenomena as “Collapse of the Wave Function.” Metaphysically speaking — When a person observes a thing through the mind’s eye (imagination), that observance is what causes that thing to appear physically. Sounds like the same thing, to me.

Conclusion: Many would love to argue against the fact that the human brain is a powerful, electrical object but since isn’t on those people’s side. The naysayers once doubt the New Thought movement and referred to it as “New Age” when people have known about everything aforementioned for countless thousands of years. During those times, the scientific instruments to test those theories weren’t available but with the advent of high-tech scientific tools, we’ve been able to not only test those theories but prove most of them. I don’t doubt for one second that there is a segment of the world who would love for you the populace to disregard their own mental abilities for the purpose of control, but if one chooses to do that when the evidence is there — they will do so at their own peril.
Thanks for reading!

Sean T. Carter

“We live in deeds, not years. In thoughts not breaths, in feelings, not in figures on a dial.”

Sean T. Carter is an experienced trader, entrepreneur, researcher and writer for the Young & Opulent Group, a company formed to serve the needs of up and coming entrepreneurs, investors, and scholars who wish to reach opulent goals and stay consciously afloat in these fast changing times.
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