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3 Kinds Of Products You Should Be Promoting

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Posted 9th June 2017 at 11:30 PM by Zack Lim

When it comes to having a profitable internet business, it is very important that you are promoting the right kind of products. Since you are already committing time and money into driving targeted traffic to your website, you will want to make sure that you are taking maximum leverage out of the traffic This means that you will be getting maximum profits from the number of unique visitors that come to your website and you will need to promote the right kind of products.

So what are the 3 kinds of product that you should be promoting?

Product #1 - Low Price Front End Product

This will be the 1st product that you will be recommending your new prospect. As your prospects are new to you, you will start off by recommending low price front end product which will be between $7 to $97. As your prospects are still new you, you will want to make sure that that the 1st product that they are getting from you is a good product where they get values and they learn something good from it.

When you have your own list of subscribers, you can promote many other relevant low priced products to them in the near future. This will enables you to get consistent sales but you will want to choose those products which have a sales funnel where there are up sells. This will enable you to make more profits for every product that you promote.

Product #2 - Recurring Product

Recurring products are those products that requires the customers to pay monthly in order to get access to it. Examples are services like hosting, autoresponder etc and membership sites where the customers will get access to updated content monthly. You will want to promote more these recurring product as it will provide you a reliable cash flow and you will be paid monthly for the one time effort that you have put in to get the customers.

Let's look a the mathematics. For example, If you are able to get 100 of them where they paid $20 monthly, This will means that you will be able to get $2000 monthly. Of course there will be some who will cancel their subscription but the majority of them will stay subscribed. Even though you might be doing nothing for the following months, you will still be getting cash flow as the majority of them pays for the subscription. You will seriously want to include as many recurring products as product in the list of products that you plan to promote.

Product #3 - High Ticket Product

High ticket product are products where it will be charge from $497 up to $9997 or more. The main reason you want to promote high ticket is because the profit margin is high. This means that you will be able to easily cover the cost of your advertising and you will be getting more profits too. Most of the beginners are not getting the full time income because they did not have any high ticket product in the list of products that they are promoting.

In order to get people to buy the high ticket product from you, you might want to communicate with the prospect directly so that they will trust you. There are some Companies who will even help you to communicate with your leads in order to convert them into customers so you can just focus on referring the leads to the companies.

Above are the 3 kinds of products that you will want to have in the list of products that you are planning to promote. Besides having consistent flow of visitors coming to your website, you will want to promote the right kind or products so that you will maximizing your profits.

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