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Importance Of Reaching Break Even Point In Internet Business

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Posted 10th June 2017 at 11:51 PM by Zack Lim

If you want to own a real internet business, then you will need to invest money in paid traffic methods and building your own list of subscribers. Making use of the paid traffic methods is the fastest way to grow your business. The good thing is that you will be able to start small first and then scale it up once you have a profitable campaign.

When you are just starting out your marketing campaign, you will want to start it small first. It is almost guarantee that your 1st landing page and the offers will not be converting that well for you. At the beginning, you will drive like at least 200 unique visitors to your landing page then you will do a review. Most of the time, you will tweak some part of the website and then test it with another 200 unique visitors.

Your goal is to improve the conversion of your landing page and the offer that you are promoting. You will keep on testing and tweaking till you will reach the break event point. This means that for every $1 that you invested into your marketing campaign, you will get back $1. For me personally, if I am able to get back my money within 30 days, I will consider it to be a good campaign already.

I normally drive the visitors to my lead capture page and I am able to get 40% of them to join my list. In my autoresponder follow up series, I have emails already set up which will be sent over the period for the next 30 days. This is where I will be able to get back the money that I have invested in my marketing campaign.

The moment I am able to reach the break event point, this means that I am actually building my email list for free. This means that I am getting my investment back and I am able to reinvest the money back to my internet business. When I continuously reinvest the money back to my internet business, my email list will keep growing. It will reach to a point that my email list is large enough where I am getting consistent sales and I start to get profits from my business.

I will suggest that you do not be scared of investing money into your business. If you are looking from a long term perspective and you are following a proven system to operate your business, you will soon get back your money as long you keep on taking the right action.

You will want to start promoting more recurring products and high ticket products. This ensure that the cash flow is stable and you will able to get good profit margin from the high ticket product sales. Conclusion is that you will want to hit the break event point as soon as possible so that you can start to profits from your business.

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