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The 5 Best Movies of 2012

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Posted 29th April 2013 at 05:43 PM by Zackary Richards

This post may seem a little bit like locking the barn after the horse has been stolen but it took a while for me to see the movies nominated for the academy awards and frankly, only 2 of them should have been nominated as the rest were good but not great.

And that’s how it happens sometimes. There are years when we have several nominees that are worthy of the top spot and years where only one or two are deserving.

So here’s my list starting from number 5 and down to the one that should have won the award. (no peeking or scrolling to the bottom, your naughty people)

5) D’Jango
I understand why D’Jango was nominated. As usual Tarantino does a great job of keeping the audience off kilter and engaged with sudden plot twists, cameo appearances and crazy violence. The story of a black slave and a German bounty hunter keeps moving and has a particular funny moment when the attacking KKK members start arguing over the fact that they can’t see out of the eye holes in their masks. It’s fun and interesting but academy award material? Nah. It’s good but not great.

4) Argo
Again we have a good movie. Ben Alfeck does a great job directing an engaging film about secret CIA black houses and various forms of torture that led to the killing of Osama Ben Laden. The cast is top notch, the pacing and dialogue keeps us riveted but there is nothing spectacular about it. Like D’Jango, it is a very good movie but an academy award winner? No.

3) Lincoln
Okay, now Lincoln is a deserving academy award nominee. This film breaks the Lincoln legend down to its nuts and bolts and reveals a very human person, who, nevertheless, is deserving of all the praise and accolades he’s received over the years. Many reviewers have taken issue with the film because it shows that Lincoln wasn’t a zealot regarding the freeing of the slaves. In fact, he often tried to compromise on the issue, delaying, suspending and offering to work around freeing the slaves in return for the South returning to the Union.
There is a lot of self righteous indignation over Lincoln’s lukewarm support of slave freedom but what this movie also does is show how complex and how diversified the support was for ending slavery. As usual, the bottom line was money and ‘whats-in-it-for-me’. Freeing the slaves would have an enormous effect on the economy, and the financial backing for those facing reelection.
Personally, I tend to take issue with people who critique others for not taking the high road on certain issues. Because if you weren’t there during those times, you don’t know what you’re talking about. And so I recommend Lincoln. It’s a great movie, very engaging and definitely worth seeing

2) The Avengers
A lot of people bristle when I say that before I saw the movie I chose for the number 1 spot, I thought The Avengers should have won the Academy Award.
People often dismiss it as just another superhero spandex and hot babe geek fest. I should point out that these are the people who didn’t see the movie, because if they had, it’s very likely that opinion would change.
Saying The Avengers is just another superhero story is like saying Finding Nemo is a movie about fish. Remember The Avengers received an overwhelming amount of 4 and 5 star reviews from many of the harshest movie critiques and deservedly so. The characters are portrayed as flawed, suspicious, often petty, and egocentric. But they are also funny, witty, believable, honest and when the moment comes where there is no going back, all these very human people who just happen to possess extraordinary powers, take that extra step when all seems lost, to simply do what’s right.
So if you haven’t seen it, go give it a look. It’s been my personal experience that I sometimes watch a movie I wouldn’t normally watch because of friend’s recommendation and find myself happily surprised.

1)The Life Of Pi
This is a movie I really didn’t want to watch. I usually hate foreign films with all that artsy-fartsy bullsh*t symbolism and deep meaning nonsense.
However, this movie is FANTASTIC and should have won the academy award because if far outdistances the others. And I believe the reason it didn’t win is because the academy members probably didn’t watch it for the same reasons I didn’t want to.
Let me explain what this movie brings to the party. For one, it’s a simple story well told about a boy whose family owns a zoo in India and who must move themselves and their animals to Canada for financial reasons. Mid-voyage the ship sinks and the main character, Pi, is set adrift in a partially covered lifeboat only to discover that the zoo’s adult Bengal tiger had escaped and had taken refuge there as the ship sank.
Number two, the artistry and the location shots are simply breathtaking. For those of you who regularly visit my facebook fan page you know that I’m a big fan of great art and I repeatedly became slack-jawed in astonishment at the beauty captured in this film.
Three, the characters are engaging. The main character, Pi is so very human, a real everyman that you just can’t help but like both as a teen (during which the events took place) and as an adult when he recounts it to a writer. Four, reminiscent of the movie, The Old Man and The Sea, we are on board with Pi and Richard Parker in the lifeboat, (*note: Richard Parker is the name of the tiger and how he got that name is an interesting story in itself.)
Five, just when you think you have the movie figured out a Sixth Sense type twist occurs that momentarily stops you in your tracks. Friends, this is a truly great movie and if possible, see it in the best venue possible. 3D in the movies is best, 3D on your TV if you have one of those. Blue ray is fantastic and regular DVD will definitely provide a great experience.
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    zumamoney's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. I have seem most of the movies, except for the life of pi. I think I will just wait and buy it on DVD when it comes out.
    Posted 29th April 2013 at 08:44 PM by zumamoney zumamoney is offline

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