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I have discovered a BIG LARGE MISTAKE in my methodology

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Posted 6th March 2009 at 09:39 AM by Zale

This is painful - but I have realized I have made a large mistake.

My basic methodology was to start with a large number of keywords and a large number of ads and whittle them down as I go forward.

This way I would find the performing keywords and ads.

And it would work if you have a large budget.

In the back of my mind - I had hoped to get lucky and find the converting keywords and ads immediately.

Guess what - it didn't happen.

Everybody says - start with a small number of keywords and focus on those.

I really didn't understand why and I kept reading about people with a large number of keywords. What I didn't understand (or chose not too) was that these people also have large budgets at the same time. As they get more and more profitable - they have more and more money to spend and experiment with.

Crawl, walk, run.

I blew it.

I am now going back to the beginning - using my existing data to develop a strategy.

I have reset all my max CPC to .10 - the goal is to generate a list of long tail keywords that people click on.

My new methodology:

1) Create a campaign with lots of keywords - VERY LOW ppc. - My keywords should only trigger when they are part of a larger long keyword list.

2) T202 gives me a long keyword string that people use to click my ads.

3) The longer phrase now is used to create a long tail keyword program.

4) Have a separate campaign that uses the long tail program.
Each ad is designed to match the keyword. A very tailored program.

Steps 3 and 4 are reviewed daily and adjusted accordingly.

This is the hard work required.

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