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Can you really make money adsense?

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Posted 20th April 2010 at 08:16 PM by zoobie

Adsense is of the most easy way to make money online. Even a person without any money to invest can make money that way. So how you can make money with Adsense though? Before I show you the steps here, probably I should spent a moment to explain to you what Adsense is in case you are not familiar with.

What is Adsense Anyway?

Adsense is a revenue sharing program made by Google, the search engine giants. The idea is to share a percentage of revenue that generated by Google advertisers to the web publishers. It is kind of a win - win - win situation. First Google of course will make the money but by sharing a percentage of its revenue to website owners, Google ads will see more often and advertisers notice that they can actually get their ads on those websites by using Google Adwords so that Google will in turn be benefited.

The Advertisers will love to show their ads on the web publishers sites because Google means to only show relevant ads on those sites.

Apply for Adsense

Before one can make money with this amazing program, one need to apply first. Google will not accept every web publisher but generally you have to have a website or blog that have some contents, (it doesn't if it a Wordpress default "hello world" post but some kind of content, may be an article about yourself will do.) The next thing is you have to be at least 18. Google doesn't accept any webmaster that is younger than that age but you can still apply if you can get your elder brother, sister, mum or dad to sign up to the program since it is free!

Now after you have applied then you need to wait a day or two to get approved. Generally it won't take up to three days.

After you have been approved, your next step is to copy and paste the Adsense snippet or code on to your website. For details, you can refer to this document here

How to Make Money with Adsense Anyway?

Now, to make money with Adsense, all you have to do is get someone click on the Google Adsense Ads and that is. But of course, Google Adsense TOS doesn't allow you to click the ads yourself nor offer an incentive (a gift, free money etc nor say click here to visit our sponsor etc) to your site visitors to click on the ads. If you do that, Google will block you and all the commission you generated will be forfeited.

So to make money with Adsense is actually you have to learn how to drive targeted traffic to your site by means of SEO, email marketing, social networks, social bookmarks you name it and learn how to place the ads in an optimize format so that you make more money which needs sometime to set it up.

Now to make the task easy, I have made some optimized Adsense templates given away for free so that you can download now and start to make some money.

So go and get your Adsense templates now while they are still free!
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