No conversions on new site....looking for advise.

by Omme
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Hey Warriors,

We've recently completed a new website for a mental health magazine, but it's struggling with conversions.
There's around 200 hits per day, but the average time is around 1 minute, so there's very little engagement. Is the quality of the traffic the only factor here?

Prior to the new site there was about 1-2 emails per week from interested parties asking when the magazine would be available. It's been published for about 2 weeks and now there's no engagement at all.

There's been a few modifications in the last week, like the optin page, but this hasn't picked up any subscribers either.

I'd appreciate any advice!

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    Man your site looks very nice. It's clean and user friendly with easy to reach information.
    The quality of traffic is a possible issue but the store section needs some improvement. For example there is nothing there that would make me buy your Magazine, although i'm interested in the subject. Before making a purchase of a product, users need to be convinced that this is what they're looking for. So step back and ask yourself, why should users buy this? What are the benefits? What can they learn or discover from your magazine? What are your main selling points?
    Bottom line is, describe the benefits of buying the magazine. Make it attractive for users and add a more clear call 2 action button.
    Good luck
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      Good evening Warriors

      We've made a couple of updates to the http://bmhmag website as well as the store/product pages. They have been in place for a few days now but there's still very little traffic getting past the home page.

      The hits to the site are high, but almost all of the exit/drop offs are on the homepage. Main traffic source is still facebook and there are a few campaigns running.

      As far as the front page goes, I'd appreciate any feedback on it and any recommendations available.

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      Sorry for the double post...

      The URL is actually, Better Mental Health Magazine ....

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    which demographic region are you targeting?
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      The Facebook campaign is currently targeting Australia, UK, US and Canada. It's a quite broad target area, however the magazine is available globally which is why that was chosen.

      We could look at zeroing in on a few major cities instead?
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    Wow! It looks very nice. How often do you post new articles? In what way your articles are different from other major Health and Psychology magazines? What is your niche?
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      Thanks for the feedback GosuCommerce. There's only be about 1 per week recently, sometimes there are reader contributions as well, but this is an area that we are hoping to increase in the coming weeks.

      The website is more of a platform to promote the magazine. The blog and articles are not always going to be in the paid magazine, and vice versa.

      The magazine itself has been published to raise awareness of mental health and the mental wellbeing of everyone. It's not just about illness or disorders. It's easy to read, supportive content does cover those things while promoting healthier wellbeing for everyone.

      Originally Posted by GosuCommerce View Post

      Wow! It looks very nice. How often do you post new articles? In what way your articles are different from other major Health and Psychology magazines? What is your niche?
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    Your site looks kinda boring to me. Make it more catchy, more colorful, I understand it is a health magazine website but still make it look attractive. Also make sure you post unique content...
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      Originally Posted by kmanev074 View Post

      Your site looks kinda boring to me. Make it more catchy, more colorful, I understand it is a health magazine website but still make it look attractive. Also make sure you post unique content...
      I appreciate the feedback kmanev074. It's good to hear the negative ones.
      What are your thoughts on making it more catchy?

      The content is 100% unique and it always will be.
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        Since it's new, I would put a short 'about the site' on the right sidebar. An opt-in form on the sidebar and headerbar could also work. Since you're already using optinmonster, why don't you try their headerbar out? It works quite well for most webmasters I know.

        Lower down the "advertise here" section on the sidebar. People who are interested to advertise probably will but putting it on the upper section of your sidebar is not doing you any favors design-wise.
        Create your Free account at Qeryz. Gather. Analyze. Convert.
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    what I would do, if I were you:
    - change the logo: now it uses 3 different fonts and the colors are washed-out. I would make it smaller, brighter colors, same fonts, or max 2 similar fonts.
    - use brighter and happier images. To be honest I started being depressed while looking at them. Is this the felling I should get?
    - the quotes
    “Mental Health is everywhere… and it impacts everyone”
    are dark green on light green. It took me like 3 scrolls through the website to notice them
    - your banner on the upper right side - the "Available in print and digital...." Buy it now>
    what is available in print?? what is that I'm buying?

    again this are my opinions.... I can't guarantee they will work in your niche
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    Wow, thanks again Daniel!
    There's some great points there and I can see the value behind each each of them. I really appreciate the time taken to have another look at the site.

    The logo may be a little harder to change than the other points as it's used with the physical and digital versions of the magazine. I'll see what we can about changing the fonts, but we will be able to brighten up the logo on the website for sure.

    Some higher quality stock images for the site would look much better. Good advice, and the boxed content is a simple adjustment to highlight the contents.

    I've been doing some rework on the top CTA image during the week. The current text never really sat well.

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    Glad I could help Omme. Good luck man!
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    I appreciate the advice from everyone.
    Some of the suggested changes have been made to the site, and there are still more to come.

    After actually having in my hands and being able to fully read the content that's been published it is something that everyone would benefit from, and while there is lots of interest on the topic and lots of hits to the site there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of conversions still...

    I'm going to be offline for a few days while travelling over to Thailand for the Christmas and New Years but will be getting back to everyone's suggestions in the next few days. Again, I do really appreciate the advice and tips on how to improve the website.

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    Omme, since your website is relatively new, the conversion rates are bound to be a bit low. Strategy wise, I would like to build the credibility of the blog first. Get your audience to read your articles, you know. Make them so interesting and informative that people may simply be unable to refrain themselves from sharing them.

    Secondly, if you are trying to sell the magazine, push a plush cover image, somewhere midway, like after two three rows of articles. Let the audience read the information.first. Once they develop a mild crush on the beautiful chunks of information you offer, show them they can get much more by subscribing to the magazine. One more thing, if possible, let your magazine feature glamorous headlines on the cover. I don't know, maybe 21 tips you didn't know about mental health or something.

    I visited your website briefly, and scanned through the article headlines, and if you ask me, I think the headlines need more of the element - intrigue. Your website offers some really good information but people won't get to know about it untill they read the article. And if you can't convince your audience to open your article just by reading your headline, they would never get to find out.

    An example - one of your article headlines says - Kids Can Help With Mental Health. A more clever copy would be "Did you know kids can help with mental health?" or something similar (I am no copywriting champion either you see )

    Keep a track of Avg. visit duration via Google Analytics. If the suggested changes workout, you should see an increase (and I would be a genius 8-) )

    And yes, change the headline color to something else that stands out. A darker shade of green perhaps.

    Best of luck
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