3.67% CTR On FB Ads and No Opt-In. Need Help...

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Hi guys,

I've tried list building with a single opt-in page website, a free report and access to a video in the seduction/ladies attraction niche.

I've launched a FB Ad to test the conversion rate and try to build a mailing list at the same time.
But what I experienced is exaclty the OPPOSITE of what I thought would happen...

- FB Ad: doing awesome, with a 3.67% CTR and 0.09$ per click to website, which is very good. (I ran a split test with 2 pictures and I stopped the other one which was "only" doing 2.6% CTR...)
- Opt-In Page: so far and after 53 visits, I've only had 0 opt-ins, which is UPSETING.

Who could help me with my opt in page ?

I'm ready to share my ad, under certain conditions (like you don't display it on the same audience), if you help me with my opt-in page (advices, design...).

Looking forward to reading you guys.

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    There is couple things when advertising by facebook:

    - niche reserach
    - targeting
    - image
    - ad copy
    - landing page

    From that what I can see problem can be simply targeting. Can not say more without seeing ad copy, image and landing page so if you want to share, you can prv me and will try to help more
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    hey man,

    First off .09 CPC is pretty good but your CTR can be better...but the doesn't matter - your CTR on the ad could be 100% but who cares if no one joins your list or buys?

    I'm guessing it's your Ad copy on the LP - are you targeting mobile? Desktop? Is it optimized for both?

    Work smart, work hard, never give up. Learn with me here: http://www.joelraitt.com

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    You need to thinking about what kind of headlines and copy you should put on
    your capture page. They always need to be in harmony...

    It’s not easy to think like a person who is presented with this capture page deciding whether or not to
    opt in.
    You might have surprised yourself many times with the results certain capture page copy can produce.
    Sometimes ugly squeeze pages convert better.
    You would think no one would ever go for that, but people do.
    There are certain underlying psychological drivers that drive every one of us.
    And, based on those drivers, after a lot of research and testing here is a simple formula that has
    emerged as a clear winner.
    The benefit plus curiosity format always works well.
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    Thanks for the answers guys, I'll PM the ones who proposed.

    But I'm pretty sure the problem is the overall look of my landing page...

    Any other advices ?
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    From what you've described, it sounds like your landing page isn't fulfilling the promise of the ad copy.

    There's something in the ad that's appealing to people, but when they reach the landing page either

    a) What they arrived expecting isn't there (or isn't there in the form they expected)

    or b) What they came expecting is harder to acquire than they expected (like they thought it was free but you have to pay. Or they thought it was instant access but it's delivered over 4 weeks).

    Hopefully some tweaks from the advice via PM will identify which of these it is and get this sorted out for you.

    Good luck with it!

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    let me see that optin page ,...maybe i can help You


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