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Hi! Newbie Here. Desperately in need of someone to look at my landing pages. The landing pages will be used for Facebook Ads and a Bing Adwords campaign. Currently, I am getting click-throughs so I know my images and my ad copy are working, but I'm not getting conversions (61 clicks and zero conversions!). I'm currently only running one Facebook ad for one landing page until I start getting conversions, and have targeted my demographic to include ladies who have an upcoming birthday or anniversary.

My conversion goal is just getting a name and email address, but one landing page is designed to get potential clients to contact me about booking a session, and the other one is targeted to photographers, and I'm simply looking for a name and email address to grow my list.

Here is the landing page that I'm currently using for my Facebook Ad. I am aware of using split testing on landing pages, but at this point, I really need to fix the one I've got, and then maybe split test any variations of it: Learn More.

Next, I have a landing page that I'm not currently running an ad for. It's a proposed landing page to be used to target other photographers; I will also run an ad on Facebook and Bing Adwords once it's reviewed and completed. Here is the link to this landing page: How to Create Your Own Calendar for Profit

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise.
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    It's getting very hard now to get people to optin to find out more
    from online cold traffic.

    The long term profitable way is send the traffic to a blog post giving
    helpful advice on how to achieve the readers most wanted outcome.

    Then you do 2 things on your website/blog...

    1 You offer the reader to go deeper into the subject
    where you place a link in the post and a pop up opens where they optin in to get instant access.

    2 You put a pixel on that page so you can re-target them while they are on other websites.
    The message is to remind them to go back and consume more.

    If you have a long term vision for helping people,
    then those 2 steps are what will help you achieve your goal
    rather than the going for the optin first off cold traffic.

    Doctor E. Vile
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      hmmm there is no romance there. Hi, leave me your name and e-mail - have a nice day. I wish it was that easy but it is not. You have to present a reason to get their details. And we can be honest here, you have to work a bit harder because you are targeting a female demographic and they statistically do not offer up the information as easily as men do.

      I would say the very first thing you would need to address is your location. where do you do business? I have no clue looking at this. Look at this from a woman's perspective... Trust Strike #1

      Is there really a need for the last name? first and last name, you might as well ask for the bra size as well. Trust Strike #2

      If the most important piece of text on a landing page is the header... how well do you think "Learn More" is working for you?

      So the page structure I would look at, would be a grabbing headline across the top. Then if you split the screen in half on the left I would list the "Reasons to be a Betty" and on the right would have the "Make Me a Betty" opt-in ( minus the last name ). below that I would then have the images and facebook social proof.
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      Thanks Doctor Vile. It took me a few days to figure out what you meant but I think if I follow your suggestions that I'll see a better conversion rate once I warm up my traffic.
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    Hmm. Did you scroll down on my page? I pointed out all of the benefits to booking a pin up shoot.

    As to location, my ads are targeted only to females within my area, but I do think you may have a point about needing to put my location somewhere on there.

    I'll remove the last name field on my opt-in box.

    "how well do you think "Learn More" is working for you? "

    The reason I chose that heading title is because often times a call to action such as "Book Now" is too much for them to commit to. They click on the ad to learn more.

    "Then if you split the screen in half on the left I would list the "Reasons to be a Betty" and on the right would have the "Make Me a Betty" opt-in ( minus the last name ). below that I would then have the images and facebook social proof."

    That's exactly what I changed it to yesterday. Is it not displaying that way for you????
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      Ok. Nevermind. I checked the page and it is currently displaying incorrectly.

      I'm using Squarespace and when you use the Opt-In/Newsletter block, you do not have the option of asking for the first name only; it defaults to first and last name so I had to remove the name requirement entirely.

      Also, I had to add a "spacer" block to get the Opt In box to sit on the right side. There doesn't appear to be a way to make the text line up with the top of the Opt In Box.

      Squarespace is easy to use but it has quite a few limitations.
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      I didn't see this before, and for that I apologize. what exactly are you trying to accomplish with this page? are you trying to book appointments or simply get e-mail addresses?

      Right now you are giving all the reasons to book.. but only offering to get placed on the mailing list. and then using the CTA "Let's Plan"

      You need to define the intent of the page. The "Opt-In" will then need adjusted accordingly. do you need a simple e-mail address? or do you need a more detailed Name, date, and time?

      The text of the page will also need to change if what you are wanting to offer is a simple e-mail please approach. Right now the text is saying book a session, and the optin is saying get my newsletter.

      The headline... "learn more". about what? The intent as most use it for a headline is not to be pushy selly, but to peak interest in reading further. A newspaper as an example. what's each article in the paper about? you can get an idea by reading the headline. In a magazine what is each article about? again the headline. Websites and blog pages.. same thing.

      A headline is not about "Selling" it is about getting them to read the copy that is going to sell them.
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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        Thank you! My intent at this time would simply be to get email addresses. So, I should take out all of the reasons to book, and choose a different headline?
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    Okay, I got a little confused about what I'm signing up for with the photographers landing page.

    Are you asking people to sign up for a report titled, "Create Your Own Calendar for Profit"? If so (or not) then you need to better clarify what they're signing up for. If it is a report, then say something like, "14 page ebook/profit report titled..."

    Secondly, the arrows at the top are pointing to a star. Why? I don't see the purpose of that, unless you're using the star as a placeholder for something else.

    The bullet points are also rather vague/weak.

    For example, this: Make Extra Income through Calendar Sales

    Can be changed to something like: See how others have added an extra $10K-$20K+ to their yearly revenue

    And this: Market throughout the year!

    Can be changed to this: Simple ways to get calendar clients throughout the year - (most of your clients won't even sign up at the new year)

    And the headline at the top can use a bit more excitement too. When I write copy, I try to think about what's going to make people insatiably curious. "Free copy" doesn't really push the same hot buttons that they did years ago. You want prospects to think, "What do other successful photog's know that I don't know????"

    So I would use "get it free today" in the bullet points.

    For the headline, I'd use something like, "In 96 seconds, you'll see how other boudoir photographers are adding...."

    Hope that helps.
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      Wow! That's really good info! I'll go in and make the changes this evening!
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    Is not easy judge why a landing page doesn t converts!
    REMEMBER that The most important thing is do some split test (compare at least 2 alternatives)

    However I would try to:
    - place logo on the top of the page
    - enlarge a bit your mail form

    Another thing I think is important is this:

    Your business is photographs, Maybe you should work with emotions:
    try to put very "impact" photographs!

    Good Work !

    Free Guide to Make Money Online [Now!]
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    I think people are clicking through more out of curiousity than because of the copy or images.

    Your page is suppose to give them a good reason to enter in their details.

    Maybe offer them a Free report on a useful photography tip, or a guide on taking better photos w/ a basic camera, etc.

    I also not liking that it has Getresponse's logo at the top, and that the image looks real generic.

    I'd say either send them to a blog post w/ some good info that asks them if they would like to receive more info, or just a simple optin with no pictures, but just a clear headline, and a strong call to action.
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      I agree with you on posting a link to the blog post. I figured out that I need to warm traffic up before asking them to opt-in and give me their email address. I've been putting the cart before the horse.
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