Any improvement for my squeeze page?

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I created this squeeze page for 100% free! Any improvements: Traffic Explosion System
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    I mean this in the nicest way, but this is painful to read. The font with the red and being smashed together hurt my eyes - I didn't even really read it fully to be honest.

    I'd clean that up as 1st priority.

    I've done conversion work for many big companies such as Expedia, The Boston Globe, Kobo Books, Firestone and more...

    Kyle Chapman - CEO - Conversion Marketing Services a Conversion Rate Optimization Firm

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      You need to split test this page against another page with a variation.
      Send 50% of your traffic to one page and 50% to the other.
      Try to beat your own results.
      Always keep the winner.
      Try again.

      You will probably get the best results from testing the headline first.
      Test the buttons.
      Background colors etc.

      In your bullets:
      Your benefits are not benefits! They are features.
      The course has 6 short easy to understand videos. (feature)
      Which means that you can get started earning cash fast! (benefit)

      Good luck.

      If you are sick of the this space!
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    Some observations (hope they help):

    1. You are using the phrases: I and I'm.
    So you should include a picture of a person, to answer the "who" question that people will ask when they see "I" and "I'm." It will also help build credibility, due to the perception of a real person using the product. Not a random computer-generated page.

    2. The formatting is not good at all.
    You have all of the copy side-by-side in columns and rows, which doesn't "read well." You want to arrange your copy in a way that makes your reader scroll downward to learn more, while keeping your headline and subheading, "above the fold."

    3. No testimonials are included.
    You want to include as many testimonials as possible on your landing page, since you have really nothing on the page that grabs a person's interest to learn more about what you are offering. There is NO compelling offer, call to action or reason to even keep reading. So include testimonials along with pictures of people who've used your offer, to increase engagement.

    4. The red and black color scheme really needs work.
    It's kind of off-putting and hard on the eyes. This will affect conversions negatively.

    5. The copy definitely needs a re-write....from a person who understands your niche and knows how to make prospects in that arena take action.

    6. There are no offer graphics.
    You should include a picture of what you're offering, either in the form of an eBook cover or a box; something along those lines that makes your intangible digital product appear as a tangible item that can be held and touched (although it can't).
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