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This is something that i have just learned that long sales pages still work but videos are quick, simple and DO INCREASE your conversions.

Why do i say so? Well I will let you into a little secret... i just learned.

All you do is you go over to go to the marketplace and go to the search box.

Don't enter anything in the box (leave it empty).

Then just click search.

Then what happens is ClickBank will automatically bring back the most popular products on ClickBank (right now) and this means they are currently selling the most amount of products on the whole of ClickBank.

Then all you do is look at the top 10 products in this list and check out their sales page.

You will quickly see a Trend.

Nearly all of them have videos on their sales page.

Yep just a simple video with nothing else.

This is where YOU come in and add your own spin on things using their strategies and stamping your own personality onto your own sales page videos. Study these videos and work out what exactly their steps are, how do they word things so that people end up buying.

It really is that easy to do.
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