People use my site to find youtube influencers to work with, but...

by dookie
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But we aren't currently monetizing aside from AdSense -

The site gets 300k individuals per month that are mostly youtubers, youtube industry people (networks, media companies) and people who want to find youtube influencers to hire.

How would you monetize this?
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    Hi dookie,

    I can think of so many ways to monetize a website like yours.

    Here are a few ideas that come to mind:
    1. Create a marketplace app that connects influencers with buyers and charge a small fee for accepting payments through your marketplace app.
    2. Create a website store, sell your own branded items, like tee shirts hats, coffee mugs etc.
    3. Create a marketplace app that allows your Youtubers to sell their own channel branded tee shirts, hats, mugs etc.
    4. Partner with some businesses that offer products that are popular within your user community to promote or officially sponsor some of your content.
    5. Organize an annual convention, or meetup, for Youtube influencers, hire a popular Youtube influencer as a keynote speaker for the event.
    6. Create an elite members club with paid membership plans.
    7. Identify a badly needed product for your industry and hire developers to build it and offer to your community.

    There is likely an incredible pool of talent within your community of users, just start reaching out to them with ideas that will help them make money and allow you to share in the revenue. Think in terms of how you can bring value to your community of users, way they can make money, and then share in the profits.
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    if they're mostly youtubers why not provide a youtube marketing course?

    the course can be basic. teach them how to make money on youtube!

    or at the very least find a profitable affiliate program to advertise on your site based on youtube marketing.
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