How Infographics speak louder than blogs.

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I've got to be honest, it took me a while to jump on board with the whole Infographic movement. With gurus such as Neil Patel making their millions by pumping them out day after day, I never doubted their credibility, I'm just kind of old school and it took me a while to get into that mindset for my content marketing.

I'm happy to say that I'm all over it now though and can tell you in no uncertain terms that for the majority of my posts, the infographics win hands down in terms of views, shares and overall engagement. I just use a basic app to create them (Canva) so while they're never going to break the internet, there's nothing too technical about creating them which means that anyone can do it.

Here are a few reasons that I think infographics shout so much louder to your audience.

Increase readability.
When people are browsing the internet and they land on your page, you've got about 6 seconds to grab their attention before they head over to the next site. If your content is too long, they'll be off! An infographic can give the same information as a blog post but in one quick browse (way under those precious 6 seconds), the reader can get an idea of what your post is about and then hang around to get the in depth version. Readability is the aim of the game here, and there's no doubt that for the average internet user infographics win hands down.

Pictures convey emotion.
It is a known fact that if you want a person to feel something, you should show them a picture of someone else feeling it. Infographics can contain pictures of humans being happy, sad, angry and any other emotion that you need them to feel. This could take a couple of sentences to get across in your copy by which time the moment is lost and your audience is on to the next thing.

Pictures talk in any language.
Pictures remove any language barrier that exists between you and people from other countries. You can speak your message in a thousand languages without non-native speakers getting confused or misunderstanding your messaging.

People prefer visuals.
This isn't my opinion, its just the way that brains are made up. Drawing diagrams to explain a point is so old hat because it works. Infographics are clearer, offer more explanation and convey your message in a much more simpler form than text does.
Ill be honest, I still get good engagement with my written content too so I'm not yet ready to give it up all together, but the infographics that I use get great results and I think its for those reasons listed above.

What have you had the most success with and why? Images or text?
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    Spot on - visual people like visuals. Simple.

    And if you have some pretty dry content nothing tarts it up better than an infographic.

    There have been plenty of times in reports, articles and blogs that an infographic has saved the day by explaining or showing complex data and information.

    While words and content are still king complimenting this with an infographic is a great tactic.
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    Absolutely right! I have seen many IMers using infographics as opt-in bribes too. What they do is create an infographic of each blog post they do and give it away in exchange of their visitor's email address. Hands down - that's the best and FASTEST way to grow a list.


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    If we make infographic of a blog it gives unique result to our site. Because users prefer see the image rather than read a blog. If we define all the content what we have put in the blog in the form of infographics, it provides an effective result to our website. And your website also get like and comment for the same.
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      Originally Posted by SEONinjaa View Post

      If we make infographic of a blog it gives unique result to our site. Because users prefer see the image rather than read a blog. If we define all the content what we have put in the blog in the form of infographics, it provides an effective result to our website. And your website also get like and comment for the same.
      That's probably the most valid reason of all - infographics are unique to your site. It's so easy for people to rip off your content nowadays and even with sites like Copyscape, change a few words around and you can pass a plagiarism check no problem.
      By creating infographics you're presenting your content and knowledge in a way that's completely unique to you and I'm sure that copycats haven't yet figured out ways to reproduce these without blatantly stealing your content.
      Thanks for the input.
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    Yes it is true pictures speaks faster than words and normal user or internet user.. everyone wants quick information. Therefore info-graphics are in the trends and will be in use for future also.

    But I think internet is lack of good infographics website. Need origin some popular and famous websites for working.
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    Infographics "Are realistic visual representations of data, information or learning expected to present complex data rapidly and obviously." as it were, an infographic gathers information, composes it, and transforms this data into a straightforward visual, for example, a graph or guide.
    They are a mix of design, writing and analysis that are ideal for an age of big data,
    Infographics are more eye-catching than printed words, since they combine images, colors, movement, and content that naturally draw the eye.
    Since most of us have increasingly shorter attention spans, we tend to scan material as opposed to reading text. Infographics allow us to easily scan and get the information we are most interested in.
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    I have to agree: even on a simple Facebook fan page the infographics get lots of views, shares, and likes. When I read an infograph I am aware of how much quicker it is to read than text, plus I just enjoy the visual aspect of it.
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    Gifted or not, the fact remains that 65 percent of the population consists of visual learners.

    Infographics present information attractively, which contributes to the peaking interest of the viewer. This allows information to become easier to understand; hence, it's a more ideal way of presenting ideas, facts, tips, etc. compared to utilizing just block after block of texts.
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    Thanks for sharing the points. I can really tell just from personal experience that visuals tend to capture attention better than other media.
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