Forget writing blogs, video content is the new black!

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I'm not talking about auto playing here because I don't think there's an internet user alive that auto play doesn't bug the hell out of! But video content; if you're not all over it there are some VERY good reasons you should be!

1) It increases conversion rates.
Video on your home page gives a much more dynamic impression of your brand so that every area seeps in to the viewer. Personality, tone, colours and product can all capture the attention through a few short seconds on video which a normal blog cannot do.

2) It keeps people on your page longer
While its hard to add keywords for Google to find in your video, if its interesting and engaging enough it will keep people on your page for longer (tick) and with a strong message and CTA it will encourage people to take action (tick) This will show Google that whatever s on your page when people get there, they like it!

3) It increases trust
Video is a great way to show you, your staff and your product in their true glory. Its easy to hide behind marketing messages and sales techniques written on paper but when people can actually feel like they know you, that's when trust is built and sales are made. This also leads to strengthening an ongoing relationship with clients as they interact wit you on a human level.

4) It gets your message across better.
There's no denying that people are lazy, and don't necessarily have the time, capacity or patience to sit and read through your long-winded content. What they do like to do is listen to you. This is something they can multi-task with too. There's no better voice to fill someones office than yours explaining your product and why you should buy it.

If you are going to use video, ALWAYS make sure that press play is activated; auto play is the quickest way to get someone to leave your site; ALWAYS add a call to action and ALWAYS tell the viewer when they can expect your next installment.

I seriously cant recommend this enough have you got any tried and tested video techniques? We know it works as there's a reason that info-mercials do so well, and its not necessarily the product!
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    Great, but I think we should perform both 2 ways, because people like to buy on website more than buy on youtube or other video website
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    I agree people will buy from the website and not from Youtube. Video is a brilliant tool no doubt but firstly it is costly and secondly if it is in Youtube it will take time for the consumers to visit the website. Youtube is itself an attention grabber platform which keeps people entertain. So, there is less chance that people will visit your website after watching the video. But if a person is interested in reading a blog on your website, he/she is definitely going to explore the site. So, I think Youtube video is more apt for reputation management and blog is more apt for conversion rate optimization.

    Jhelum Sen, Sr. Content Marketing Executive

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