Nobodys reading your blog but it has nothing to do with your writing.

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Theres nothing worse than putting your heart and soul intoa blog or piece of content only to have your number of views and commentsawkwardly hang around on zero.
Youre a good writer and you definitely know your subject,so why arent people clicking? There are a few things that you might not bedoing which are absolutely NOTHING to do with how well you can write.
Youre not promoting it. When you publish a blog your work is by no means over whenyou hit the magic button. You then have to get your blog out there via socialmedia, on your website and through other peoples pages. A blog for business isa marketing tool, so dont forget to market it.
Youre not asking people to join your emaillist. This is really common but is crucial to the hits your bloggets. When you ask people to join your mailing list you can notify them when ablog is published and theyll then go over and read it. If youre notencouraging sign-ups, youre missing out on golden opportunities to talk topeople who are already interested in your blog. Make sure every post isaccompanied with a CTA to sign up.
You dont post regularly. Once someone starts to read your blog regularly, they lookforward to it and if it doesnt come, they wont come back. Theres a lot of interestingand engaging content online and people are unlikely to come searching foryours, you need to give it to them when theyre expecting it and make it easyfor them to engage with you.
Your blog isnt optimised. Even if your website is optimised in all areas, your blogpost is an extra page. If you dont optimise it by adding keywords and doing everythingyouve been taught to do; it may as well be in a big black internet hole!
I know that gut wrenching feeling when you click publish andyou get no responses but trust me, its not necessarily a reflection on yourwriting! Check that youre doing everything that you should to get your contentseen, and watch the engagement roll in!

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