What sort of pre-sell should I use?

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I've been selling this affiliate product which is a software that fixes a particular problem with Windows computers, but the conversion rate has been very low, I've been getting a lot of order form impressions though.

What I've been doing is just direct linking to the sales page. So I'm thinking about making a landing page, but I'm not sure what kind, because I would have thought it would have to look like I'm someone who is recommending the software because it had helped me solve my issue.

If I did make that sort of landing page, where would I host it? I don't have a computer fixes site or anything like that..
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    This is actually a common situation.

    I'll touch on 2 ways to go about this:
    1. If you don't own the affiliate product (which it sounds like you don't?) it might be worth while to reach out to the offer owner. More often than not, they will have a compliant pre-sell page and idea of how it converts with certain traffic sources. Not all offer owners attempt to drive their own traffic, so this might not yield any results.
    2. Simply create a one page website. Buy a domain name, pay for a hosting account, put a simple blog type template on it, write a fictional article littered with affiliate links to the sales page, and just like that you have an "Advertorial" type presell page. If you want to get fancy, you can put other images and affiliate links in the side bar to try and salvage exit traffic.

    If you plan on writing an article with a fictional story about how this software fixed an issue, your traffic source will more than likely require you to disclose that the post is an "Advertorial". Check the guidelines, because there will be specific wording and font sizes you'll need to put at the top and bottom of the page.

    Then if you're looking to improve your conversions further, consider split testing different variations of the article or even whole pages.
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  • If you are completely unfamiliar with web design and managing servers I highly recommend using SquareSpace for launching a new sales page. For about $15/month you can build a website using drag-and-drop and have it be responsive and relatively fast-loading.

    However, I'm cautious about framing it from the perspective of "someone who is recommending the software" and just happened to make a website dedicated to the product and is in no way shape or form affiliated the the product.

    In my opinion it would be better frame as "someone who wants to help solve the Windows related problems" and pitch the product from there.

    KamesCG - kamescg.com
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