Benefits, Benefits, Benefits...Heres the 5 other bullets you need to boost sales conversions

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now I understand you’ve put hours and hours and hours into your product to make it the best quality possible

you’ve put a time effort and even money to bring your vision to life and as proud as you may be of your work….. Here’s the kicker

to your prospect this product doesn’t mean anything
in fact to them it’s just another person tryna sell more stuff

What you need to understand is the prospect can be exposed to as many as 2000+ advertisements per day and they ol' thalamus (The area of the brain that filters out information from relevant to irrelevant) is constantly in play sieving out the hype and boring stuff...

also, you have to deal with the increased levels of competition because everyone else is trying to sell their "stuff" to the same audience

so getting your prospect to sit up and pay attention has become harder than ever

so you need to make sure you targeting the right segment of your market from the right angle (approach) with your message

and here’s A 5 step checklist that will help you sell virtually anything and has personally allowed me to make money in weight loss, financial and business opportunity with both affiliate and my own book,training course and 1-on-1 coaching

now I know everyone likes to spout on about benefits,benefits,benefits and while it is important to making the sale that alone isn’t enough...

So will look at the five other things that need to be included if you want your stuff to sell

P.s Ive had to chop some of the explanation out, because of the character count on WF Posts, so if your still unsure afterwards....

Your reason for being
this is your reason why your product or service exist to begin with...

now every product or service should solve a problem of some sort

for example I’ve seen an e-book titled "Facebook marketing for newbies"

now this is where most marketers stop because they’ve specified what kind of marketing it is and who it’s aimed at

however this information is readily available anywhere on the internet, so why do they need to buy the e-book?

this is where your reason why comes in....Are you offering exclusive information?, strategy that will help cut ad costs?, increase EPC?

And if so how much can they save? or how much can the prophets be increased by….

Really paint a picture of the current problem and how it will help

These are things a need to think about before you can hope to make more sales in your business

Your argument needs some spinach
When you make any kind of bold statement (which is the great way to capture the prospects attention) It’s often met with disbelief and resistance

Remember we live in a very skeptical society, so unless you got a “Popeye strong argument” to back it up

It will probably be discarded like old newspaper

for example “how to make $3000 in the next 72 hours” (obviously not impossible)

the first thing you prospect will think is “nonsense”…… How?! Prove it

so then you proceed to provide statistics, case studies and even testimonials (preferably like themselves) to not only show that it’s possible but also they could do it too

for most people they believe you have to be a medical practitioner, banker or celebrity to see that kind of money in such a short space of time,

and the belief that they’re the ones that are going to break this cycle and start making this kind of money can be difficult to mentally grasp

it can mentally be a big leap (especially if they aren't pre-exposed to the idea)

You haven’t established enough credibility
Who are you? what are you doing in my world...i never heard of you or a company so what are you trying to sell me?

This can be why feels like sometimes when you sell into new prospects, they don’t know you

never seen you before so how can you expect them to listen to you and buy what you’re selling

Product or service claim on all kinds of expertise, benefits and what you can offer...that the cheaper or free alternatives couldn’t

Again testimonials are a great way to help with this, listing your achievements is also very important way to help build credibility and if you don’t really have any achievements to list then borrow all’s credibility from others by using third-party quotes or listing credible people you've worked with to make the case on your behalf

P.s This shouldn’t be confused with reason 2 because you can build huge credibility, but if the arguments weak than it still doesn’t sell

Focus on the result not the “thing”

Now this should seem obvious but a lot of people still and find themselves being wrapped up in the product or service

the main focus should be focused on the end result and what they will get from using the product or service

the "thing" you sell should be nothing more than a tool or a vehicle to help them get the end result

So if you do you have a weight loss products don’t talk about the product per se talk about how much more confident know feel the great sex appeal

they will have and all the likes they’ll get on facebook when they post naked pictures and so on

Really dig deep and appeal to them core desires that they so desperately crave because as Edward Bernays proved "emotion is the driving factor that causes humans to act"

Nobody gets excited from watching courses or reading books
they are excited by the result….remember that

Show it’s a good investment

Now what some people don’t understand is there is levels to this, you can do everything right...they may like the idea

but ultimately you need to make a strong enough case that is worth investing in

put another way...they need to see the value

now of course we’ve seen stuff that we’ve liked but we didn’t like it enough to pay for it or the price they were asking

well this is the same thing,

You need to highlight the value of how much the "thing" your selling is worth,

how much more costly it can be to get the same results using alternative methods

How much more difficult it can be to get the same results using alternative methods and even how long it can take to get the same results

Than once you built up the value

it usually helps to throw in a discount or price drop to create the right level of urgency so they act now and not later

and there you have it, include these 5 things in your presentation and you should easily see an increase in your sales....the only thing to do now is take action

all the best
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