No Conversions From Bing Ads For eBook and Affiliate Page

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Hello everyone,

I have been operating my website for a month now. I have an ebook sales page and amazon affiliate page for books i recommend people to read about health and wellness.

In my first month, I have made 5 sales of my ebook. I make youtube videos and post on a message board related to my niche. I tried running a Bing ads campaign (160 clicks) and didn't make any sales that way.

Likewise, with my amazon affiliate page, I ran an Bing ads campaign and got 36 clicks and 0 conversions. Most people that clicked my page also clicked my affiliate link but they didn't buy anything.

Can you please advise me as you how I can optimize these two pages to increase conversions?

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    unknown author unknown site you are lucky to sell even 1 let alone 5

    now if you can get on say a radio or tv show and get to plug your url, then it sells, they know who you are

    one word for unknown authors and new books

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    In order to maximize your conversation rates, you need to drive traffic to the landing page then following up your customer through email....
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    Your approach is wrong. As a rule of thumb you cannot sell anything, even a $1 product to a first-time visitor.

    1. Your pages took ages to load. I don't know if this is from your hosting service or some network issue, but I would not have waited if it were not for this being a WF post.
    2. "Sell" a free download in which you will give away quality information. You write it yourself. Make the landing page a strong sales pitch for the free download that can be read in under 30 seconds.
    3. Connect the download form to your email service provider (aweber, getresponse etc) and follow up with emails, at least once a week, preferably 2-3 times a week. More useful free info.
    4. If you can't write that much get republishing permission from good authors.
    5. Make several landing pages. Change the graphics, the headline colour and even the sales text. Change the position of the email opt-in form. Make 4-10 variations.
    6. Split test your landing pages. Eliminate the bad ones and replace with more trials. Continue until you get 20% or more conversion rate.
    7. Build your list and sell to your list. Send at least one content email for every sales email.
    8. Good luck.
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