Do you have an idea what digital product I could promote to pregnant women?

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I run a German website with around 200.000 uniques / 800.000 PIs per month in the pregnancy niche. I have been monetizing with:

- adsense (50%)
- amazon (30%)
- banners and paid posts (20%) others...

Unfortunately we now have over 90% mobile traffic and adsense really sucks when it comes to mobile click prices, so my earnings have been constantly dropping very slowly over the last 2 years.

I have tested to sell a few digital products but somehow the German audience does not really buy those. The conversion rate is less than 1%, regarding the users that already clicked through to the salespages.

Do you have any good ideas, how to monetize in this niche?

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    i would suggest affiliate offers for products related to babies and pregnancy. Sell strollers, cribs, diaper bags, baby bottles. etc try clickbank and see what products the have available for affiliate marketing in your niche
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    I agree with Ricardo Martinez, they are probably looking for physical products (strollers, diaper bags, baby bottles etc.)
    Find some sites that sell this and promote their products.

    Is there a particular reason that you insist on selling digital products?
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    Try cosmetics for pragnant and children, creams, shampoos, bodylotions...
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      Do you have an idea what digital product I could promote to pregnant women?
      Originally Posted by Beehelp View Post

      Try cosmetics for pragnant and children, creams, shampoos, bodylotions...

      Digital cream, shampoo, and body lotion?

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    Digital products would likely work with US audience. Which traffic do have more conversions with?
    Unless you change your targeted geo or sell more ebooks, better stick to physical products.
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    Again, ask your traffic. It really is that simple.

    We are not your traffic, well, I'm not.

    Create polls and ask your traffic questions. Use the data to make better decisions.
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    thank you all so much for answering my question and sorry for the late reply, as I have been quite busy in the last days.

    The reason why I am asking for a digital product is because I want to try some new things. We do all sorts of physical products already, but the commissions are quite low. I tried a few digital products like:

    - a digital yoga training guide
    - an ebook about how to loose weight
    - different photo book stores
    - ...

    I don't know about the US, but I feel here in Germany people are not likely to spend money for digital trainings or ebooks - at least the conversions suck like hell. Anyone know a possible reason?

    About asking our readers: We did that in our forum and through polls already, but maybe asked the wrong questions. The "yoga for pregnant women" guide test was actually a result of that - but conversions SUCK (from 250 people visiting the sales page, not one single sale for a $10 product...)

    Your help is appreciated...

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      Hey, Michael.

      E-books for pregnant and lactating women are great. In the US these kinds of e-books sell like hot pancakes. It might be possible that you have a unique demographics and women in your area are not interested in these kinds of digital books.
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    Its a misconception that people from Germany buy less ebooks compared to US.
    Maybe the product you are promoting or its sales page is not that good. It also depends on the niche and since pregnancy is delicate condition, so very would like to take advice from a book. Instead they would ask their doctor for any tips.
    The conversion rate I get from German traffic is same as for US traffic.
    However, my problem is VSL are not converting for me. I promote clickbank products and all good products now use VSL..Do, any warrior have some tips??
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