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I'm pretty new in CPA/CPL marketing, i know facebook ads theory but never had the chance to actually test and get results.

My question is, is it more profitable to try and get leads from cold traffic targeting or should i first convert cold traffic to warm traffic and then retarget people who engaged with my posts or liked my page?

I have a low budget so i don't know where to start.
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  • Hi,

    When you are starting off and have not built up your re-targeting list, all your traffic will be cold traffic.

    The important thing to note is that you do NOT focus on the cost but focus on the ROI.

    Theses are the questions you want to ask:

    1. What is your customer Lifetime value
    2. Have you got a conversion system in place?

    I'll give you an example:

    I ran a campagin for a local tuition centre,

    They had no conversion system
    So I made one for them

    The leads costed me $9 (roughly)each very expensive on the first look.

    But we implemented a customer lifetime value plan.

    so from 85 leads (only) which cost $741.02 we enrolled 26 students given a total customer lifetime value of $16,640.

    So focus on the ROI and work out your customer lifetime value, implement a conversion system.

    Then re-target

    Hope that helps,

    Any questions please ask
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      so i should first give them something for free and then retarget those who took action?
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        You can give free and low cost. but in ads dont mention about free. and remember create as much A/B split Test ads you can create.
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    The budget is a relative fact dude, you should test first your offers, and then check the right traffic source, landers, etc... if you are looking for high payout, you should go for paid traffic, also, Facebook ads is a good way for you to promote, and you will have good possibilities to target the audience you are expecting to promote to.
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