What are the primary steps to increase your website's conversion rate?

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I have been engaged in forum postings, blog commenting, social media engagements, article submissions and press release distributions. What else can I do to convert my visitors into customers.
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    All those activities are designed to bring visitors to your website. They don't have anything to do with converting those visitors into customers, outside of the fact you have to target the right market.

    To convert them into customers you have to offer them something they want at a price they're willing to pay. People buy when they believe what you offer has more value to them than the price you're asking. You might want to study copywriting to present your case as convincingly as possible if you're not getting conversions. That, or hire a copywriter.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Hi Subho,

    Honestly, I'd start with common sense.

    Are you selling a product that is valuable ... to a market that wants it (or at least, needs it) ... at a price that makes sense ... in a manner that appeals to their dominant needs, desires and fears?

    This is where most people fail.

    They try to improve the CRO through one thousand small tweaks when in practice, the offer itself and the copy do not make sense.

    You have no idea how many products I've seen that make no sense because they are sold to the wrong crowd. It is like the person selling them has no common sense whatsoever and even a kid can see the incongruence between the offer and the market.

    Let me give you an example ...

    If you go to a lingerie store, what do you expect to find? Lingerie of course. You will find bras and panties and brassieres and other items that appeal to women in general.

    You won't go there to find monster trucks and PS3s. That store sells to a specific gender in a way that makes sense to that gender. There is a sweet scent in the air, the store is clean and brightly lit and the assistant is a young or older lady that makes her customers feel comfortable. You're not going to go to such a store and find a 6.2 feet metal-head suggesting what type of night gown a lady should buy.

    Common sense right?

    Well, this type of common sense is not really present online. You're going to find many people who sell to the wrong crowd, in the wrong approach.

    The dating market is a good example of this. In most cases, most guys just want a girl. A girlfriend. They are tired of feeling alone and they are borderline depressed about this. They don't want to go outside and sleep with five girls a week. They just want a girl to love.

    Yet amateurs marketers blow this out of proportion. They promise the lifestyle of Hugh Hefner and the promise of a hedonistic lifestyle if you only buy their product. Few people want that. Few people want to sleep with five girls a week. While we all have our sexual fantasies, the primary dominant emotion in the dating market is feeling alienated and not belonging anywhere, not the desire to do orgies.

    So start there. Make sure you're selling the right product to the right marketplace in a sense that makes sense. With a bit of common sense, you don't need to be a marketing expert to understand why people buy. You've been surrounded by people all your life so you just need to apply the lessons of living among others properly.

    As far as what you've been doing - that's not copywriting nor is CRO. It is traffic generation.

    Conversion is an equation of two factors - traffic and taking an action. If you have 100 people and 1% converts (takes the desired action), this means 1 sale per 100 unique people. If you bring 1000 people, you'll make ten sales. On the other hand, if you double your conversion to 2%, you can get ten sales with only 500 people. Both are important but it seems that you've worked only on one factor, not both.

    I hope this helped you understand better how to sell online and anywhere else for that matter. If you have any questions or you'd simply like to continue this conversation, don't hesitate to contact me. The same is true for anyone reading this post.

    Your friend,
    Razvan Rogoz
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      Thanks Razvan, When I write contents for our website, I try to make it directed towards our targeted customer base in each and every case.

      If you have time, can you please check the contents of Das Writing Services and share how I can improve on the same.
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    A visitor shows up on your site. Great! But...who are they? Where did they come from? Why did they arrive here? And most importantly: Do they have a problem you can solve?

    This is called Qualifying.

    It's a process, and you need a system to run it automatically. Qualifying is one of the three systems every business needs. Leadgen, Qualification, and Closing.

    If you don't know who you're looking for, these steps will be pretty difficult to accomplish. You have to have a target. That's also called an avatar, an ideal customer, a target market.

    Qualification is the process of filtering your traffic for visitors who match your target market.

    If you are clear on your target, your leadgen system should be able to bring you leads who are pre-qualified. This means they will filter IN for at least a few of those characteristics or features that indicate a fully qualified lead.

    Filtering further will enable you to separate those leads who are a really good fit with those who are not.

    And you do this by putting content in front of them.

    Content could be asking them a question.

    It could be telling them a story by email and discovering whether it resonates with them.

    It could by playing a video you recorded where you talk about symptoms of problems your ideal customer has when they arrive at your site.

    Qualifying may take multiple steps, "touches", and media.

    Those who qualify IN can be moved or segmented to a different list...or tagged as such.

    Qualified leads are those you show your offer to.

    And then you're in the realm of the Closing system.

    But if you know your target market, and your leadgen is bringing you pre-qualified leads, and your Qualification system is doing its job and filtering IN those who are a great fit...well, the closing sure is a lot easier.
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    You've focused on the content part. It is the most important. But what about your website in general? Website speed is crucial in order to be ranked high by search engines & get high conversions. Also if you use plugins, it is good but with too many plugins your page loads very slowly. They may also lead to some technical issues, which also disrupt the site's smooth running.
    Besides, make sure there are as few redirects on your site as possible. Because they generate more HTTP requests, so the page loads more slowly.
    For more information you can check the article: http://sliceart.com.ua/blog/how-to-s...ove-conversion
    For more results you should definitely take into account both sides to get more conversion rate.
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  • Primary steps to increase website conversion rate:
    Build a Sales Funnel
    Improve User Experience
    Engage in A/B split testing
    Build compelling offers
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    It sounds like maybe your time is not being prioritized in the right places. There is no sense to be out there trying to get traffic if you have not optimized conversions on said traffic's destination - your website.

    Know your audience, their needs, wants, objections, fears. Know the demand by examining data from sites like similarweb, buzzsumo, etc. Know the keyword research numbers (moz, google keyword tool, wordstream etc). Is the product niche enough or too broad? Do you have a USP - unique selling position? Why would they buy yours over someone elses?

    Know the answers to all these questions. Re-evaluate, things like price point, the offer itself, your copy, headline, etc. You can only do this by understanding your prospects.

    Also, the pre-framing is crucial. By pre-framing I just mean, know what context the source page they came from was before landing on and consuming the content on your page. This is just as important than the page itself. Are your visitors in the right state of mind coming from the source they originated from?

    Just some things to think about.
    Doubts Kill More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.
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    Use tangible action verbs -
    If you are testing out different calls to action, try using action language that enforces visitors to take action (for example, "grab yours," "reserve your seat")

    Use testimonials -
    With testimonials you can reduce risk and provide social proof. Use them on product landing pages as well as on your email opt-in landing page.

    Clearly state the benefits of your product or service -
    Exposing your product features is important, even more important is to tell potential customers exactly how your product will help them or solve their problem.

    Pay careful attention to your headline -
    Headline is one of the most important element of your landing page. Find out at least 10 possibilities before choosing the strongest one.

    Create dedicated landing pages for pay-per-click ads -
    If you're using AdWords or another form of PPC ads, be sure to send these visitors to a dedicated landing page (not your home page!).
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    There's a key step to conversion optimization that I didn't see earlier in this thread, and that does not even involve your website.... and that is the quality of the traffic. Low traffic quality = low/no conversions.

    I highly recommend adding Google Analytics to the site (if not already) and then setting up analytic conversion goals, with a value assigned to each type of goal.

    Once in place, you can then see which traffic sources generate conversions, and how well, and then prioritize accordingly.

    Marty Foley ~ ConvertMoreTraffic.Com
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    The idea of conversion rate is nothing new, but I'm always surprised by how many small businesses with a web presence are ignoring this key metric in their business.

    If your website is a key component of your sales and marketing process, determining your conversion rate can paint an accurate (and often surprising) picture of what's really going on with your website.

    1. Understand Why You Should Care About Conversion Rates
    2. Figure Out What You Want to Measure
    3. Use Google Analytics to Track Your Conversion Rates
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    In order to increase your website conversion rate then you need to know lot more about it. So, here are simple 4 things you can do to increase your website conversion rate.
    1: Maintain entry page 'scent'
    2: Combine A/B testing with SEO
    3: Improve page load time
    4: Leverage videos
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    Here i will give the three simple and easy steps for increasing your website conversion rate. By following these 3 steps you will surely able to increase your conversion rate. The steps are:
    Find the Choke Point
    Fix Incongruent Copy
    Simplify Your Webpages
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    If you want to increase your websites converstion rate then you should follow the steps which i have mentioned here.
    #1: Using Landing Pages
    #2: Use Calls To Action
    #3: User-Friendly Forms
    #4: Rock Star Content
    #5 - Take Time to Choose / Create a Solid Image
    #6 - Remove Unnecessary Distractions
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    There are so many different ways are available on online in order to increase your website's conversion rate. Here i have given the 7 simple steps to increase the conversion. You can follow these.
    1. Make your call(s) to action unmissable
    2. Make it easy to convert.
    3. Include testimonials, reviews, and maybe a guarantee
    4. Use strong action words in your headline
    5. Be straightforward with your products and services
    6. Include a visual demonstration (or sample)
    7. Keep it simple
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    These are really very great tips and it is very useful for me. Surely i will try these tips for myself.
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    Increasing your conversion rates is absolutely crucial. Having a good conversion rate is the foundation of high sales volume.
    1. Do A/B testing
    2. Create a compelling and clear value proposition
    3. Set up a sales funnel
    4. Cut the jargon
    5. Address objections
    6. Increase trust
    7. Make it easy to buy from you
    8. Communicate value
    9. Offer proof
    10. Remove distraction
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    You might want to consider creating a free product.
    Then have an expert write your landing page copy. You can check our profile if you need help with this.
    Then you can promote your free product (landing page) through blog postings, guest posts, social media and those other traffic generation techniques.
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    You need a very profesional website to get sales and of course you need to deliver awesome value
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    Here's a detailed guide: https://capturly.com/blog/conversion...ly-everything/

    In summary: define your micro- and macro conversions -> define goals-> build a funnel -> set up multiple hypotheses -> run tests -> analyze results -> repeat
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