How to track particular visits of placed banner ads on my website?

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In the website, there are banners in sidebar, header, footer, full page banners. How can I track the visits/views for particular banner ads? Is it possible through the Google Analytics or any plugin or tools?
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    Greetings @anilvalvi,

    To be able to track which clicks are coming from which ad place. you need to set different URL unique URL for each ad place (sidebar, header, footer, full page banners) there are plenty of tools you can use to track traffic and actions. We personally use ClickGum - It does an amazing job plus it is free.
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      Thank you so much @sendizo
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    Just add UTM in the each URL of banners.
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    You can use
    1 - Google Analytics - not so easy to learn
    2 - Prosper202 - its free - but not so easy to learn and to install
    3 - Use conversion booster tool (search in the forum "4 in 1 tool - Conversion Booster")
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    The best way to track your ads details is by using google analytics. It is the best method for tracking the ads.
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    Adding UTM for all the URL is the best way to track the particular ads on your website.
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    yes you can track the particular banner ads on your website with the help of adding UTM for all the ads which you have placed.
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    This method is very great and i am using it for my website.
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    Is there any tool/software available for tracking this?
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    This method is really great and currently i am using this method for myself.
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    Yes i have added the UTM for all the URL's but still i cant able to track the visits of the ads on my website.
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