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Hello guys,

I'm in the middle of restructuring the information eBiz I created. As everyone says, your first one typically isnt very good, but at least you got started. Now 18 months later and I've read a lot more books and done a lot more classes and I've created a stacked offer, upsell & downsell, and I'm actually building out a sales funnel rather than just throwing my product out there and hoping people will see the value and buy.

Anyway, my question is on the order of my funnel. I have been working with someone I respect, but I dont agree with the order of our funnel. His version goes like this...

FB Ad --> eBook DL --> Webinar --> Landing Page --> Sale

The landing page is quite long and has a lot of copy that somewhat repeats many of the things we cover in the webinar. But by my way of thinking, the webinar should close with multiple calls to action and lead directly to a purchase option, not a long form landing page where they could possibly cool off, or read something they dont like or just delay the purchase for any number of reasons. I think this should be our set up...

FB Ad --> eBook DL --> Landing Page --> Webinar --> Sale

This way the ad gets them curious (hopefully) enough for an initial click, the eBook tells my story (and says if "I did it, you can too!"), the landing page gives them info + social proof, then the webinar gets them enthusiastic for the sale.

I am using Clickfunnels for this now. May switch it later once I've tested things in different ways. Get something cheaper. But the question at hand is the order... his way of looking at it is that webinar should lead to the landing page, which is long and has a lot of copy and reinforces the webinar messages... but my way of thinking is that people probably dont want to read through another long page of info after they just sat through a one hour webinar, they want the payoff of actually getting the product.

The obvious answer here is to test (which I will once I actually have something up to begin with), but what I am asking for is initial thoughts from other internet marketers... which sequence would you think is better to start off with?

Thanks in advance for any input or feedback you give...
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    I agree with you. Test it out but really I would not want to sit through an hour webinar then have to comb through a huge page. I would take them right to the cart after the webinar that way they will be more than likely to purchase.
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  • In my opinion I would watch a long webinar when I am at the end of the buyers journey. After I've read about a product and I am interesting in seeing it in action and hearing a more in depth talk about it.

    In your version you have put webinar > sale

    essentially this last step 'sale' is probably going to be a landing page so I guess it doesnt really matter.

    Worry more about the content in the funnel and driving the traffic to it
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    I would want to go through and make sure you are doing enough to stimulate their pain points (to help them see the way forward) and giving good information, but not so much that they feel they have enough information. Also, if you draw it out too much, they may feel overwhelmed.
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