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I've been a young real estate agent for about half a year now. Still trying to break into the market and build a client base, I've tried the classic methods of lead generation and my results are sub-par due to lack of experience.

I've decided to give facebook ads a shot, I threw together a quick landing page offering a CMA (Basically, it's what us realtors do to value your home within the current market). I'm hoping that this will at the very least bring me leads and give me people to follow up with in hopes to turn them into clients and help them sell their homes (and hopefully buy a new one).

Wanted to run it by you guys and get any advice or criticism before I go live with it. I'm probably going to buy a domain name and hosting before I start the campaign, not sure how much of a difference that would make though since I'm bouncing these people from facebook.

Landing Page: CMA

SN: What's the current take on countdown timers? Still effective?
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    First impression? The page is attractive enough, but the opt-in copy is a little weak...

    Consider changing - "What's My House Worth?"


    "What's Your House Worth?" (as if you're speaking to the reader about "their" house)

    And where it says...

    "Thinking of selling? Let us have an agent assess your home's value to help you decide if now's the right time to move."

    ^^^ That could be tightened up quite a bit ^^^

    Now, I don't know who your target market is, or what they're expecting from you after clicking on one of your ads, but here's a couple more thing you may want to consider...

    You might want to test - throwing a picture of your smilin' mug on the page. Just to let people know they're dealing with an actual person? Instead of some faceless company.

    Even the picture you have as your avatar on this forum looks good. (you look like a young, pleasant, honest kinda guy) Personally, I'd rather give YOU my info, than a faceless corporate company.

    As for the countdown timer? Meh, sometimes they can be effective. But in your case... NO!

    I just clicked away from your landing page, and when I returned a moment later, the timer started from the beginning again. When that happens, any repeat visitors will see it as a manipulation tactic, and all your credibility will be shot.

    Anyway, just some things for you to consider.

    At least you're taking strides and making progress. (so kudos to you)

    Onward and upward... Right?

    All the best,
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      I appreciate the feedback man. Solid points.

      I'll remove the countdown timer and test with the picture that I use on my business cards.

      I'm targeting local home owners via facebook and offering them a free CMA (It's what us realtors do to figure out what your house would sell for in the current market), some of these will turn into clients for me if they're hot about selling their house soon. Even if they aren't, the contact info should prove useful down the road.

      Any other effective ways to advertise this since I'm targeting locally?
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