How many Website visitors should I be getting per hop?

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I know there is a massive amount of variable. I was just wondering if mine make sense.

Site: 18 Websites Visits
Affiliate: 11 Hops

The day before:
Site: 14 Page Visits
Affiliate: 6 Hops

I'm obviously still in the very early stages of building my site. I felt like this was a pretty good webpage to Affiliate until I spoke with my friend and he told me that his site has almost identical page visits to hop conversions. He gets 1,100 Page views a day with 900 Affiliate visits. Right now i'm looking at a 40%-60% of site visitors clicking on affiliate link, he rests between 80%-90%. We are also in VERY similar niches. Also, we are both only getting affilite hops from our website.

Am I overreacting? My his affiliate vendor has a better sales pageI'm trying to create my own unique site but im tempted to make mine similar to his to test if my click affiliate link percentage goes up.
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    Your affiliate visits is really impressive. You've targeted your audience with pinpoint accuracy. But, if your affiliate is not doing their part in converting the customer, then you should probably look for a better affiliate. I don't think you're overreacting.

    You could do an A/B test and see how the conversions go. I think that's a great idea!
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      I'm sorry, I know I am the definition of an Internet Marketing noob, but what is A/B Testing? I feel like I've heard it somewhere.
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        Originally Posted by Matthew Masoud View Post

        I'm sorry, I know I am the definition of an Internet Marketing noob, but what is A/B Testing? I feel like I've heard it somewhere.
        A/B testing is the process of testing a page or an element of a page. you would display version "A" to 50% of traffic and version "B" to the other 50% in the end of a test period one or the other would be the variation that works best.

        Its slight more complicated than that.. but that is the absolute basics
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    As i had understood you are brutal selling, but the traffic seem very targeted... WHY try to COLD SELL and waste most of your traffic in hops?

    Direct your traffic to opt in page, to pop up box, to page where before selling the affiliate product you can grab the mails.

    So you are better monetizing: people who want to buy instantly can do it after opt in (in the thank you page), instead of people who wouldn't buy it, that can be better monetize in back end after.

    The use of email marketing can better suit your business and take advantage of your efforts.
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    At the end of the day it's all about traffic. There are many factors that affect a site's overall income, but lots of traffic is the common denominator. Read this:
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