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What tools do you use for tracking how users behave on your website? And what should be optimised for maximum conversions? For example I use Smartlook, it gets nice recordings of the browsing users, then I can see what users do and make changes on the site based on that. Any other ideas?
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    Use a/b testing tool. Nothing can't be better than this.
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    Use chatbots to talk to your customers.
    Use heatmaps from hotjar to learn user behaviour
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    Hotjar for heatmap and Google analytics.
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    Have you tried Crazyegg? It was somewhat recommended by a solo ad seller if I remember correctly. I have had at least an account with them. But, my use of the platform was very limited.
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    Try using Gostats for your site its very reliable and offer unlimited goals with unique and realtime data.
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    Google analytics is the best tool for tracking the website. And you can use heatmap also.
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    crazyegg this is really very new to me.. I have been using google analytics for a long time.
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    There are so many tools are available which you can easily use. But the best one that am using is the google analytics and crazyegg. They both are really working great.
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    a/b testing tool is one of the best tool among all the tools. And Google Analytics is also a good tool and you can use which ever you want to use.
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    Either just go for google analytics or if wanna go advanced then give a try for google tag manager
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    Mostly everyone is using Google analytics because it is the best tool which you can use for your tracking purpose.
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    "Qualaroo" is tool for tracking how users behave on your website and the way to optimised for maximum conversions are increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customer,take any desired action on a webpage.
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    Capturly.. It draws you heatmaps, records user interactions and it integrates a simplified version of GA with the key metrics you should keep an eye on. Simple to use.
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