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What tools do you use for optimising your website? Do you only take actions based on data, or also use something like smartlook to see what users actually do?
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    Following are some tools:
    1. Google Tag Manager
    2. Google Analytics
    3. Hotjar
    4. Test Duration Calculator
    5. Qerz, and so on.
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    • Google Analytics to measure overall traffic by source
    • CRM to track leads inside the funnel and measure revenue

    Save visit source/UTM tags in your CRM, export this to excel and you can calculate cost per acquisition per funnel.
    Now you know where to optimize.

    VWO and Hotjar for A/B testing and heatmaps. That's everything you need for basic setup, really.
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    Conversion rate optimization is an area in which you can find some really good free tools.

    It surprises me when I see research like this showing just 40 percent of marketers prioritizing higher conversion rates in their marketing strategies. They are missing out.

    CRO is all about the data you collect, and these are some of my favorite tools to get started:

    Google Analytics--an invaluable source of data on website visitors, popular pages, sources of traffic, and more. Yes the paid tier gives you the most value. Perhaps for the bigger campaigns, depending on your budget.

    Mixpanel--this is a really powerful analytics tool that collects data on visitors' actions and how they interact with your site, allowing you to optimize your conversions. The free version collects 20 millions data points per month.

    Peek--an important aspect of conversion rate optimization is having a website with good usability. This cool little tool lets you get a 5-minute video of someone using your site, which can reveal many hidden usability issues that are hampering conversions
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    through Content Offers. Here's an interesting tool , a free plugin to autogenerate content and collect email easily. Read here to learn more about the plugin. Hope this helps!
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    You can use VYPER app. Very helpful way to acquire email.
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    • Google Analytics
    • HotJar
    • SumoMe
    • CrazyEgg
    • Optimizely
    • Omniconvert

    Optimizing your site for conversions means you can make the most with what you currently have, before splashing out on expensive advertising that potentially won't bring the ticket sales you're looking for.
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    There are so many optimization tools are available in the internet, here i have given few of them. I think this may help you. The tools are Web Analytics data, Heatmaps and Scrollmaps, User testing, Website A/B testing, Eye tracking
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    Google Analytics tool is the best conversion rate optimization tool which is used by many of the marketers.
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    Here i can give you some of the tools and the purpose of using it. This may help you. You can choose it according to your need. They are :
    1. Make better headlines: Portent's Content Idea Generator
    2. Improve your usability: Five Second Test
    3. Create killer Call to Action buttons: ButtonOptimizer
    4. Understand the reliability of your A/B test: A/B Significance Test Calculator
    5. Determine the length of your A/B tests: abtestcalculator
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    According to me Google Analytics is the best tool for optimizing the conversion rate.
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    Google Analytics tool is the best conversion rate optimization tool which is used by many marketers.
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    Here i have given few of the tools which are used for optimizing your website. You can make use of these tools. Verify, Mousestats, Usabilla, Woopra, UsabilityTools, Lopp11, TryMyUI, PollDaddy, Naview
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    "SEMrush" is a best tool for optimising your website and also for keyword research tool.

    It enables you to get data and provides information about similar keywords, related ads, product listings and a lot more.
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    GA for the insane amounts of metrics and Capturly for everything else.
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