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I have joined many affiliate network programs. I generate leads and sales through my own blog. But seems getting leads through the blog is not in line with my expectation. I have a 1.2-year-old-blog, multi-niche, and actively updated. It's averagely 1-2 posts per day as I want my blog to earn traffic from search engines. But seems my SEO improves slowly.

I just want to know from you who are experienced in making leads through PPC ads. It means, you advertise your post/page on PPC program and hoping that there would be leads to people who visit your page/post and then converts them into leads. Please, any advice and please tell me your leads generating efforts through PPC. And, please tell me what affiliate program you are joining and what kind of product it is.

I appreciate a good reply, thanks!
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    If you are totally new to PPC Campaigns than I will suggest that hire a PPC Manager to do it for you. You will learn some knowledge from him or her. Then try it for yourself. PPC campaigns are something that if you don't do it yourself than you will never know what the hurdles actually are. And we use Maxbounty.
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    You absolutely need to be using some form of lead magnet. Advertise the preferably free lead magnet in your PPC ads so they have a strong incentive to click. Before they have access to your blog give them a landing page that offers them what they clicked for (the freebie) and tell them they can get it in their email by filling out the form. When they submit, send them to a thank you page and remind them to check their email for their freebie. Then the thank you page can take them to a related content page on your blog. In the email thank them for getting their freebie and let them know that you have a lot of other valuable content and occasional freebies to offer and that they can stay tuned for more to come and encourage them to reach out if they need anything and ensure them you are a real person. People HATE emails that say "don't respond to this message" and the like. These days, the web is a different animal. Don't sound like you're selling anything, because at this point that will turn them off. The point is to get them to like and trust you and to WANT to receive email from you because you have helped them with something. Hope that helps.
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    Yes you can gain conversion rates your PPC ads by following these six easy steps. Surely this will be helpful for you if you follow these steps correctly.
    1. Track Your Conversions
    2. Keep Testing (A/B Split Testing)
    3. Align Ad Copy with Landing Pages
    4. Improve Your Click Through Rate (CTR)
    5. Use Negative Keywords
    6. Use Remarketing
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