My opt in page conversions have absolutely cratered! Help?

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Hi there.

I was doing pretty good sending FB traffic to my free ebook squeeze page. For two weeks I averaged around 30% conversion.

I did start split testing but never changed the original, and the B version was small tweaks.

I also noticed by ad wasn't be clicked in the U.S. very often and I theorized it was because my bid was too low to show to U.S. So I separated it out in a clone ad running to the same landing page, and raised the bid a bit to test my theory.

Saturday my original 30% ad performed at 12%. Sunday it was 9%. Monday down to 2.5%!

What is going on? Anyone help!
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    Nothing may have happened in regards to your marketing. It could be things happening in real people's lives. A few weeks is not necessarily long enough to make a conclusion that something has happened. What was the audience size?
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    Hey man,

    Usually, when stuff goes down like this, it's because your squeeze page aint working anymore. Have you tested it ?

    Or, you're going through a bad batch. If you're getting 100 people a day on that page, that's very likely
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