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Need the CJ tracking pixel?

For years, I've always had a hunch that it was "optional" mostly because CJ would also provide the "Clickable Link" when site owners choose "Get Code" for advertiser's links. I figured the pixel was there to help generate those mostly inaccurate EPC numbers for each link.

I still have some conversions without using it, but could I be missing conversions/affiliate income by not implementing it? Anyone have any experience working with and without it?

Thanks for your thoughts.
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    You can have Commission Junction's platform report conversions for offers imported into your HasOffers network by setting up the offer on your network to the conversion tracking method Server Postback with Transaction ID.

    When a user clicks on a HasOffers affiliate tracking link, HasOffers records a click and then redirects the user to the Commission Junction link. This link to Commission Junction needs to include the transaction ID of the click on the HasOffers system so that if the user generates a conversion and its record in Commission Junction system, their system can tell your HasOffers network that this user with the transaction ID of XXXX needs a conversion created.

    When creating the offer from Commission Junction on your HasOffers network, for conversion tracking method you need to select "Server Postback with Transaction ID". This conversion tracking method is cookieless and non-pixel based and allows Commission Junction system to report conversion to third-party systems like your HasOffers network.

    Then for the Offer URL, append "?sid={transaction_id}" to the end of the Commission Junction tracking link. The parameter "sid" is specific only to Commission Junction (other networks have different parameter names to pass in sub id values). The value "{transaction_id}" will be dynamically replaced on click. We are passing this transaction ID value to Commission Junction so that on conversion, we can tie the conversion back to a click on the HasOffers network.
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