Filtering Out Sign In Traffic to Accurately Gather Conversion Metrics

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Hello, We're a SaaS company trying to pin down our web conversion rate and we are having a hard time doing so because we appear to have a very high percentage of users who use our site to log in to their account.

We have one set up in analytics which filters out sessions on the app and given this is predicting roughly 35% of our traffic being users. And then I have another set up tracking clicks to the sign in page which would suggest roughly 85% of our traffic is users.

Obviously, if one of the other is true, it greatly effects how well we are converting and we're a bit stuck for other ways to better identify user traffic vs. lead traffic.

I'm curious what implementations others have done along these lines and if there are any creative ideas we haven't thought of.

Tools we are currently using: Analtyics, Salesforce, Pardot, Visual Website Optimizer
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    Traditionally you can put your tracking code on the thank you page. Calling a sign up or sign in a conversion is setting the bar a bit low, we only count people who give us money as a conversion.

    Your traffic source should be able to separate lead traffic from return user traffic.

    Sorry if I misunderstood your post and make no sense here, having trouble seeing the exact problem you have.

    After a sign up page, you could put your thank you page if that is what you want to use for a conversion.

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