Landing page isn't converting. Suggestions?

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Hello all. Hoping you can help me fix whatever is preventing my landing page from converting. The page in question is here.

I have used AdWords for about a week, and have received about 30 clicks, but the bounce rate is very high, and and not one of the clicks has resulted in a conversion (which in this case is a form submission or a phone call).

I modeled this landing page after several examples that I found online of what were deemed "great", "proper", or "highly converting" landing pages. Obviously they could be wrong, but I figured it was a good starting point.

I also recently noticed that the mobile version of this page shows the content first and the form second, which may be turning mobile users away. Based on Analytics, about 50% of the clicks are from mobile users.

So...what is so repulsive about this page? Am I close? Miles away? How do I fix the mobile issue? Please feel free to post your constructive feedback below...
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    Hi, one of the first things I noticed about your page is the huge white blank space to the right of your social media accounts. There needs to be something in that space like an image or video or something. You have a free SEO analysis listed but you really don't notice it. That "Free" analysis could go in that blank space.
    Your company name could also go to the top of the page.
    Put the optin form in that blank space closer to the top or middle of the page.
    Maybe even think about taking the social media off altogether of find a different way to display it. Keep working on it and tweaking. Experiment with your copy too. Make sure your hitting the pain points business owners have. Talk to the local business owners in your area to see what they specifically have problems with. Hope this helps.
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