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by toivo
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My site is over 10 years old (why I mention non-noob) but since it's on a new server, I need to regain lost traffic. Where to begin? My wp-admin stats contradict my adsense stats for a 24 hour period. Adsense said I had 342 page views and wp-admin said I had 494 page views. None the less, it's pathetic page view numbers. How best can I amp this up? Make new traffic come my way? I don't want to buy traffic or buy links....I've already got a page rank of 4 which really is nothing to brag about however, I have done all my redirects blah blah etc.
I simply need traffic. Any suggestions? I even offer free content . . . NO RESPONSES to that either. I have quite a few articles on an already existing blog page and have witten articles that appear elsewhere.What to do without getting spanked by big-G? Thanks!
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    Choose a specific niche, build your website for human and strengthen the on-page. This will slowly boost your traffic from the Search Engine and referral sites.
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    Having already chosen a specific niche (cartoons), this is why I am stumped on how to regain lost traffic. I've already utilzed my tags and have tagged over 4,000 images using Yoast SEO tool. I did not "keyword stuff" with tags though....rather I used about 3 or 4 keyword tags per image plus as I mentioned, there are over 4,000 different images throughout over 50 categories in this new site which make up for the over 10,000 pages that make up the entire site. I have built it "for human", as I made alot of the drop down menus easy to access and understand, including easy to understand introductory text.......
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      When you mention lost traffic, which traffic source had depleted?

      Is google analytics installed on your website? If so, go to the search traffic portion and see where the traffic used to come from and what keywords led them in.

      Try recovering from the sources e.g. if it's forum, go there register an account and start a thread since there is already interest there.
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    Yes, I have Google Analytics installed. I went to my account and note on Jun 19, I had 203 "sessions"....whatever that means.....however you mention the "search traffic" portion - where is that located on the account page? I cannot see it. As a starting point, there is that graph of day-to-day "sessions", and below that is the pie chart offering new visitor / returning visitor info. Am I close? It would be nice if there was a more simpler layout of the analytics for us. Please help - thanks!
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    In google analytics, at left side under Audience, click Acquisition>All Traffic
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      What is your back linking strategy like? You say you have articles out there as well as on another site, do they link back to the site your trying to get traffic to? What about your link text profile? I have a systematic approach I like to use that has helped me increase my visibility dramatically if your interested?
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    have you utilize social media to get more traffic?

    Since Google update their algo we can't rely our traffic just only form Google search engineSEO.
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      OlaManEmu: GREAT! That helped and I can see statistics in my Google analytics for my site here. It is a bit confusing though....for instance, in ACQUISITIONS, I see % of New Sessions is: 84.97% and New Users is: 4,557 - under BEHAVIOR, my Bounce Rate is: 64.01% (not good I assume), and Page Sessions are at 2.36 (whatever that means). The blue line graph above that (which is traffic I assume) shows for instance, that Friday June 27, 2014 I had 162 "sessions". I think Analytics means sessions are actual visitors, correct?
      Essentially, I wish I knew how to percieve Analytics as a's mostly all Greek to me because it has that odd feel to it when you read all the page layout. You have to actually decipher it with a clear and open set of eyes....nothing is definitive. Like "sessions"....what is that supposed to mean, other than traffic. Say traffic, not sessions. I guess you know what I mean.
      aa_kusuma: Yes, I do have a Facebook is personal and the other is a "business" page. My "personal" page has 4,800 "friends". At it's height, I had 5,280 followers there...I was heavily posting my images (you can see what I do on my site) and got very little in the way of shares or comments. I found myself getting mired in Facebook and spending time posting without little or no feedback or shares.....maybe my humor was a bit dry or bland, I am not certain. In any case, I became disillusioned with Facebook. If there was a sure-fire way to get "shares", that might boost me in the indicies but no guarantees. I do have 8,300 LinkedIn followers though, and have tried hard to get traffic through that and even that site is difficult....I do have my own forum (for artists) and have posted about 4 or 5 blog posts....but you can blog into oblivion and soon your writing shows it. I have a blog page on my site, but even really need to continually be blogging and it gets so damn monotonous.
      LegendAesthetic: I have backlinks from various sites, but would have to find a decent tool that allows me to see those backlinks. I forgot the names of the couple article sites I wrote for now, but did write a couple ...I think one is Article Alley....then another one. But there too, I'm writing content about my image licensing database which would better be served on my own blog page I think. I would be wide open to listening to your systematic approach you directly on my main URL as I have my email address in the contact form also. I was recetly considering advertising with ChristiaNet to generate new traffic but am a bit apprehensive...I have spent several thousand in recent years promoting my own services to a specific demographic that has yet o generate one single inquiry to my service I provide. After a while, one becomes very very jaded in this business. I thank you sincerely for all of your valuable input! Keep up the great work
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