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Hey guys

I have had my page up and running for a few weeks and its currently converting at about 9%.

This is my first go at an internet business and I need to boost the conversions dramatically as Im only receiving a very small sum per lead that I generate.

As such its not worth me at the moment laying out on PPC which I really want to do as i think it would work for my niche. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the conversion rate up?

Id really appreciate your advice as Im a newby and would love to hear from your experienced opinions.

Thanks in advance
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    Hi bigdougie,

    It's important to understand that marketing is a competition and often requires a strategy to succeed. You must go beyond doing very well in your marketing message, you must excel. You need to stand out from your competition to have any worthwhile success.

    A big part of the conversion rate equation is in how well targeted your traffic is. While it might seem counter intuitive to spend money on PPC it just might be the best investment you could make, for several reasons.

    Better targeted traffic tends to convert at a higher rate. Nothing allows you to target more precisely than a properly managed PPC campaign on the search network. Even if you are not able to reach a positive ROI on your initial campaign, it can provide very valuable insight into what will help you improve conversion rates.

    You can test individual keywords, headlines, value propositions, and call-to-actions to see what your audience responds to the most. Those insights will allow you to craft better ads and better landing pages. It also provides useful data about the value of each market segment that you might consider targeting.

    With the insights gained from your initial round of testing you can build a better campaign, using better targeting, better ads, and better converting landing pages. It is also of great benefit to isolate specific market segments to test your improvements against, which isn't nearly as easy to do outside of a keyword search campaign.

    Generally speaking, a guy using PPC and scientific test methods on search networks will reach profitability much faster than the guys who don't. Once you've established the value per click on each segment you can adjust your bids for a predictable profit.

    Search marketing is just the tip of the iceberg. With the insights and improved conversion rates gained in your search campaign research you can dive deeper into market segments in the display networks and social networks to target specific demographics, interest groups and affinities, gaining insights all along the way, providing continuous improvements to profits.
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      thanks for your detailed reply. Thing is the average cpc is only like £0.5 less than I receive for selling a lead. Therefore it is not worth spending the money on PPC. I would need to have a conversion rate of more than 35% which is why I am asking for opinions on my actual page as it is at the moment
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        Hi bigdougie,

        While that may be true, you need to realize an important concept in marketing; averages lie.

        When you use proper marketing techniques, average CPC is not relevant. Did you even read my post?

        It doesn't matter what my opinion of your page is, nor what your opinion is of your page, nor the opinion of every Warrior on the forum. Every situation is different and while I am an avid practitioner of Best Practices, using best practices is not always the best practice. What I mean to say is every situation is different, every market segment is different, your conversion rates will be different for all the various market segments. Additionally your landing page may need to be different for some segments to get optimum results.

        What if you found a nice sized market segment that converts at 45%, would that work?

        What if the average CPC for that segment is only $0.13, would that work?

        The point is that, without ever testing anything, you will never know.

        Additionally, I outlined how you can use the PPC as research platform to improve nearly every aspect of your marketing, you can test segments, headlines,value propositions, CTAs all before having to change a single line of code on your landing page. And it won't be based on untested "opinion", it will be tested, and verified data that leads your effort to optimize. Going strictly by opinion is rarely going to outperform scientific testing methods.
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          There is to a point having to agree with dburk. I personally use PPC to do a good bit of my testing. It simply regardless of cost is the best way to get the traffic needed to determine if things can be tweeked.

          That being said. fellow warriors such as dburk and myself that test pages on a regular basis understand the concepts of "Best Practices" and we know essentially the best possible base to start testing from. ( well ok usually... like has been mentioned there are those times that all we know is thrown out the door - and all you can do is rely on your testing and see the end results to know its working )

          With your page in particular a common best practice is to make the call to action stand out from the rest of the page. Your page is blue, and your call to action is blue. Try orange or something. just so that it pops. I also happened to notice the call to action on your testimonials page is "Apply for Your Compensation Now"

          so leads to a question... which page is producing the 9% results? is it the main page? is it the Testimonial page? ( hard to track this one, it refers back to the home page ) or the How it Works page?

          So that is the call to action. The page itself. I might suggest running the headline "Have you been on a delayed flight in the past 6 years?" all the way across the top ( full width ) then the top line in the video column "You could be entitled to flight delay compensation " with the line "Watch this short video to learn more" ( or similar ) and then of course the video.

          Below the video I would then run the check list:
          • Flight delayed by 3 hours or more?
          • Flight Been Cancelled?
          • Denied boarding or missing connection?
          • Flight re-routing/re-routed to wrong destination
          I would follow that up with "If you can answer yes to any of the above, you may be eligible for compensation. Simple fill out the form to get started!" and then have one of those annoying arrow graphics pointing towards your form. ( keep in mind I am just suggesting the text as an idea )

          The only other thing that I can see on this page - and this one may be my own pet peeve of sorts. the girl in the video is crook - she is leaning off to the right. This would be one of those things that i would load the video in a laptop or tablet and head out to your local coffee shop and ask people to watch the video, and ask what they think. See if people mention the girl being tilted.

          I use Coffee shop testing ALL the time. Especially in the demographic you are targeting this is prime real estate. Upward and mobile, probably travel, or know people that do.

          Hope that Helps!
          Success is an ACT not an idea
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            Your site looks clean with minimal distractions. You can have a stronger call to action like 'Get your Compensation" or "Apply for Compensation". Something that will emphasis on what you are offering.
            Also, your case studies are little vague. Try to substantiate, with some more details. Try getting pictures of your happy customers, may be that will help.
            so that the user feels that its for real.
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    Thnk guys some really great info on this thread!

    Developing software which makes users go WOW
    I love google and yahoohttp://yahoo.com

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    The design is very nice. The content needs some reworking. There are some padding issues on a few pages.

    You have to decide what level of marketing you are willing to adopt sooner or later. The advice above has been very sound and I couldn't have said it better.
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    Have to agree with whats been said re ppc so won't repeat anything. Looking at your site from a conversion architecture view point there are a few things i would test.

    The qualifying statements are passive and could benefit from being included in the opt in form. You will then have the option of discussong their specific problem ie talk about flight delays instead of cancellation. Effectively you are going to build four different lists.

    Use a two part opt in. One the first page find out the above, their name email address and when they travelled.

    Use a call to action like do i qualify?

    Next lead them to a congratulations page informing them that based on what they have said they may be due compensation. This is where you will collect the remaining information. You have achieved their micro yes' and there commitment to go forward. If they donjt proceed you have a list that you can mail with fear of loss emails.

    Theres other work on structure and copy that could help as well.

    Remember though its testing and tracking results that count, each success and failure is an investment in the business.

    All the best

    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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    I like the design. It's very clean and modern.

    I would add a strong call to action like "Get Your Compensation Now" or "Fill Out This Form To Receive Your Compensation Today" or something like that.

    Overall it's good.
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    It looks good except my first impression would not have made me stay there long.

    I say that because the above the fold section doesn not show me enough. I see the sky and a plane - thats it! I have to scoll down to find out more. With the short attention spans that people tend to have online I think you need more above the fold - perhaps a call to action, or tell them to scroll down for more info, etc. Tell them something right away. I think many will click off quickly if there is no much there at first.
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    The LP design looks really good with clean crisp parallax type design.
    What theme or LP template did you use? is it from Themeforest -- if you care to share.
    I am also looking for similar LP design, but really don't want to pay for a custom design.
    Any suggestions for similar LP template or WP themes?

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    I've never heard of this sort of thing before...

    Is this a UK only thing?

    Do you have competitors?

    Do many people know about this? Or is this something you're going to have to educate people on? Because educating people is expensive.
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    Originally Posted by bigdougie View Post

    Hey guys

    I have had my page up and running for a few weeks and its currently converting at about 9%.

    This is my first go at an internet business and I need to boost the conversions dramatically as Im only receiving a very small sum per lead that I generate.

    As such its not worth me at the moment laying out on PPC which I really want to do as i think it would work for my niche. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the conversion rate up?

    Id really appreciate your advice as Im a newby and would love to hear from your experienced opinions.

    Thanks in advance
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    That form looks really intimidating. Try splitting it up over 2-3 pages instead, starting with stuff that is super easy to input.

    Here's an example of a good lead-gen site. I read a blog post on how they split up their form over multiple pages and how it increased conversions - can't remember where it is though.

    Dentist - Dentists in Your Area - Find a Dentist 24/7 - 1-800-DENTIST®

    Also, your CTA button is below the fold and not visible without scrolling. Again, this is because of that scary-looking form.

    Other than that there are a few grammar/formatting issues, but it's pretty good.

    Also, if you start doing targeting PPC, you'll probably notice an increased conversion rate. There is a reason why people pay for traffic - it works.
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    A lot of good feedback on this thread, so I will simply add to it.

    You have a great looking LP, however I would include the following.

    1. Move the form up more so that it fits "above the fold". It will easily fit.

    2. The meta tag title of your page is "flightcompo". You definitely need to change this. Perhaps something like "Receive Compensation For Your Delayed Flight - Act Now"

    3. Check out your FAQ section of that page. You have text above that section which is running over the FAQ title, at least in FF. This will inevitably lead to some customers questioning the professionalism of your page.

    4. Try dynamic targeting with your PPC keywords to help cater your LP to each individual search term.

    Example of dynamic targeting:

    Keyword: "US Airway flight delay"
    Your LP Headline would read: "Has Your Flight Been Delayed on a US Airway Flight (keyword highlighted in orange)"

    Keyword: "bad flight delay experience"
    Your LP Headline would read" "Have You Had Flight Bad Flight Delay Experiences?" (keyword highlighted in orange)

    Next to your logo, your headline is the first thing your visitors see......so by utilizing dynamic keyword insertions, you can GRAB the visitors attention almost immediately as if the page was speaking directly to them.

    I give a very solid example of dynamic targeting here (direct to post 20): http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...geting.html#20
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    It looks really good. Maybe the problem comes from the source of traffic you are using. Where the traffic came from?

    I hope its going to be better now!
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      You have to be ultra specific.

      Right now nobody knows what type of trading you are referring to...
      pork bellies, oil, coffee, chattels, currencies, stocks, bonds, short trades
      and the list goes on.

      Then beyond that, traders want to know what methodology
      does it fall under. Example if Buffett is buying then you should buy.
      If the sector is breaking out of a long period of no growth or any other well known
      trading buy indicators.

      Why that's important is if you are talking about bonds
      and the reader is a forex guy, you've lost him.

      If you talk about forex and he uses a different buying indicator,
      you've lost him.

      Not only that, you can target just those people who trade
      one sector and buy using one indicator.

      Having such a broad generic subject matter in your download
      is also a recipe for no interest.

      Back to the drawing board.

      Doctor E. Vile
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    did you set the landign page yourself or did you hire someone? That's a cool page.

    You don't know how much it converts until you throw some targeted traffic.

    One funny thing, we don't know how efficient and converting our landing page is until our mindset thinks about 'numbers game'.
    Something I couldn't believe years ago is : even the worst landing page will get conversion and make money if they have big enough targeted traffic going to that landing page..

    So, I think that kinda landing page you laid there is way beyond average, must be more than enough to have good conversion. =)

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