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I am running an ad on facebook that is targeting small business/entrepreneur niche. My website is at and we are at 60 clicks with zero registrations. The landing page is a leadpages design.

What can be done to make this better? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.
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    First off 60 clicks is too low a metric to see if the ads are performing.

    To my next point. Loads of mistakes. The first image I see is a stock photo. Very low trust value. If I score your page out of 100 based on this alone I'd give you -10/100. You have many "fake" press release icons over the top of the page. These cannot be clicked so it amazes me what you are trying to do here.

    Disconnect between headline and copy. "Get a website audit" fine, the next sentence doesn't carry it through. The corresponding copy too doesn't make sense.
    Instead I reckon a Fiverr seller does a much better job with his gig description, which I am pasting here without his consent.

    "Normally this report is about 35+ pages long and used by all the top companies to rank #1. My fiverr customers do love this report as this has helped many of them to rank on #1 just fixing the problems on their website. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you do not think it is useful for you. I use multi-award winning search engine optimization software tool that helps you get high search engine rankings: *Get high rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. *Get more website visitors and increase your revenue. My report is fully compatible with Google s 2013 algorithm"

    How to fix your landing page?
    You have testimonials right? Bring the second testimonial by "Ken Harrison" and remove the stock image.
    Remove all press release fake buttons. I hope it'd do better

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      Great response thank you. What would you put in place of the stock photo?
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    Agree with seekdefo on the trust factor and imagery... Here are a couple other ideas.

    The headline and the subhead don't pass the 'So What?' test. You always need to tie in your statements to what it means/will do for the customer/visitor.

    Also, make sure the focus is on the visitor... Their wants, their needs. "We can show you..." is focused on you, but the customer doesn't care about you. The customer cares about them. As Zig Ziglar says, everyone is tuned into WIIFM 'What's In It For Me' so everything has to be about them.

    One trick to turn a feature statement into a benefit statement is adding 'So you can...' and finishing that sentence will get you there. Benefits, benefits, benefits!

    For example... "We can show you how to take your online efforts to the next level." becomes "Learn how you can improve your internet marketing campaigns so you can generate more leads and more sales online."

    You are talking about the proverbial 'drill' and the customer only cares about the hole that the drill will create.

    Your first bullet "Learn how to drive targeted customers directly to your business by dominating the 1st page of Google." passes the 'so what?' test, and honestly I'd test that as a main headline.

    For imagery in that main image area, a big customer image and testimonial could work well... Also, an image of a report may do well with some text 'Free Report Reveals ______ So You Can _____'

    Also, questions are great pattern interrupts. The human brain works in questions... All thoughts are questions AND it is impossible to not answer questions mentally.

    For example...

    Would you like your squeeze page to convert more traffic?

    Just kinda gets the mind to chime in and say 'Ya!' So use that 'trick' on your visitors.

    Last thing... Be sure to use LeadPage's A/B testing feature to test, test, test! The only way you will ever truly know what works and what doesn't for your target market is through testing.

    Great job taking action... Keep it up!
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    I changed up a few things based on what you guys have said. If you want to give more advice I'm certainly all ears. Otherwise it's back to testing!
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    One other thing... Try to get the button up a bit higher so it loads above the fold... Meaning it is visible when the page loads and is clickable without the visitor needing to scroll down.

    You may need to get rid of the dark blue area and the white area (you can turn those off completely in Leadpages by setting them to hidden, I believe so when they don't have content they don't show up at all)

    Take a look at this post from Leadpages' blog The Ultimate List of Free Landing Page Templates and scroll through the templates they show there in the screen shots. Notice how the button shows up with the page scroll'd all the way to the top?

    That is what I'm getting at here.

    Keep up the good work and remember that 1000 visits is really the best sample size for testing to truly know what is working and what to let go of.
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    It looks ok but I don't see anything that would really make me want to opt in for the free report. Really put some effort into the copy on your page. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What would make you want more info? Really the words on your page are far more important than anything.
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    Can you include an image of a sample free report?

    Brevity is the soul of wit

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      you are offering a free report - I am guessing of my website. yet in the optin form you do not ask for the website URL.

      how I would lay out the page?

      I would place your headline all the way across the top of the page. ( full width )

      Find out how to Dominate Google in 90 Days
      More Leads, More Sales
      signup box to the left where the image is, and then your bullet points to the right.
      bullet point #2 "Learn how to convert these customers into clients by providing superior customer service..." what does this have to do with SEO?
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    I'm agree with savidge4, in few things
    Yep, it will be much better to put your header on the full width of the page
    But, in my opinion, it is better to put motivating bullets on the left, where the image is. This way all motivating info (header and bullets) will be in the F-zone - most viewed part of every page.
    Also I'll change "get my report" button with pop-up on sign up form with button. And I'll leave only name and e-mail fields. I'm sure it will be much more people ready to share this personal info, than people who will also ready to leave their phone number.
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      I would say there is a lot that needs to be changed.

      From the proposition, headline right through to the main copy and call to action.

      First the page has conflated goals - Free SEO Analysis & Quote - pick a single goal for your landing page.

      You should create 2 pages:
      - 1 offering a free SEO Analysis and
      - The other offering an SEO quote.

      Critique of your current landing page:

      1. Headline: "Great SEO = More Customers..." is a very weak headline.
      It doesn't really speak to any body, doesn't convey any specific benefits.

      2. Sub headline: - "We Offer SEO Services For All Types of Business...From Small Businesses To Large Corporations."
      This is a massive claim. It is unbelievable, and difficult to backup.
      You cannot be everything to everybody, that is not possible.

      My recommendation, pick a single target market at a time!
      Since you already have a brilliant testimonial from a Realtor, why not start with that niche?

      3. Hero shot: - Dale Patterson, should not be the central focus and totally dominate the page as is the case at the moment. The hero of this page should be the offer.

      4. Body Copy - You have not sold the benefits of the Free SEO Analysis at all!.
      You should tell visitors why they need the SEO analysis, how it will benefit them and not about the benefits of SEO in general as is the case at the moment.

      5. Call to action - "Free SEO Analysis and Quote >>" it is conflated. You should ask your visitors very clearly to do 1 thing only.

      Good luck.
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    Seems the link not working to review it. Thanks
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