How would you apply this emotional "mind hack" in your copywriting?

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A study by David DeSteno, a psychologist at Northeastern University, suggests that if you want to make people more comfortable with "delayed gratification," you should get them to remember something they're thankful for...

"In one experiment, DeSteno and his researchers asked participants to remember a time when they felt grateful for something. Later, they gave them a test to see whether they would take immediate cash, or be willing to wait for a larger payout down the road.

'And what we found is when we make people feel grateful, they value the long-term more,' DeSteno says. 'And they're much more willing to wait for long-term rewards than to take the immediate cash.'

This isn't just a trick to avoid the thing you want. DeSteno says people who spend time focused on being grateful simply make a different calculation. They value the long term more."

Here's the article.

Think it has any applications in copywriting?
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    This is a very famous study in psychology. Will power is a finite resource and it can be used up rapidly when more base emotions are struggling to release themselves from the control of the pre frontal cortex. However...if you can get another emotion on the side of the PFC it can bolster the ranks of your will power by negating some of the power of the desire you're struggling to control.

    In copy you can engage an apposite emotion (love is the apposite to hate etc) and negate any possible hiccups in your sales funnel.

    It's a question of balance and anticipating any negative emotional reactions to your copy and defusing them on the way.

    This works for nearly everyone. For those it doesn't... "The trick William Potter, is not minding that you want the marshmallow"

    First we believe.....then we consider.

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    It works for you, the copywriter, in the way that you feel more willing to have patience and wait for greater achievements that come in time. For the clients also, you can explain them that success come to those who wait, so project some future benefits that can be drawn out of your copywriting.
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    Great article. For use in copy and running a copywriting shop. Don't 12-step groups apply similar philosophies regarding gratitude? Just an observation.

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    Researches can be very interesting. At my college psychology teacher asked us."if we have a wife which is deadly sick and we can save her by robing the medic store because they wont givr us medics for 75% of the prrice now and 25% later on.would you rob the medic store to save your wifes life. There is no true/false answer "
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