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I am new to internet email marketing and I have just created my first squeeze page to start and build my list and promote a product.

Would appreciate some reviews from the pro's out there.

My Page link: landing page 2014/10/08
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    I personally like the design on the front page and I tried testing the functionality so I put a test name and email to see how it reacts.

    That worked well for me also, however one thing I would suggest to make it more visually appealing is on the thank you page try to cut off the height on the bottom side because the user has to scroll down and there is no reason to because the entire content can fit on one page.

    One rule of thumb is the less a user has to do on your site and the more convenient it is the more likely he/she will return - this is why Amazon makes it extremely easy to purchase and spends millions of dollars on researching user behavior based on heatmaps and certain actions they take while online.

    Overall great job
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      You may wish to think about getting more specific in your headline. Right now it doesn't make me want to read further.

      Just as an example I've given you a little tweak below. You would have to do a number that you have personally done before. I mostly sell my own products, but have done ok as an affiliate as well.

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    Our opinions won't do you much good unfortunately!

    The only way to know for sure is to drive targeted traffic.

    If it doesn't convert at >=50%, then create alternates.

    Also, naturally your back end funnel can tell more of a story - how much are your subscribers making you?

    Just my humble $.02... And I wish you nothing but the best!


    The squeeze page looks cool. If it were mine, I would NOT ask for name, and I would reduce the text on the squeeze. (I have a private hypothesis that the less text on a squeeze page, the better the conversions. But, there's more than one way to slice the cake).

    Humbly yours

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      Originally Posted by Sarevok View Post

      If it were mine, I would NOT ask for name
      I agree with that: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post7934937

      Originally Posted by Sarevok View Post

      I have a private hypothesis that the less text on a squeeze page, the better the conversions.
      I agree with this, too - at least, it was always my own experience (across quite a wide range of niches) back in the days that I used to use squeeze pages.

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      Originally Posted by Sarevok View Post

      If it were mine, I would NOT ask for name,
      I did a test over four months on the squeeze page for one of my products.

      When I removed the requirement for visitors to give their name and email, and just asked for their email address, my optins increased 147%.

      I also performed the same test in two different niche markets, and the results were close to the same increase in optins
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        When you resort to superlatives,
        then it's a sign your offer is weak.

        Your page has many of them.

        Go strip them out and see what I mean.

        You are putting the emphases on writing,
        when it should be coming up with so much
        value, it hurts.

        Doctor E. Vile
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    I think the section under the download button is useless. this is a squeeze page and not sales thread, so you have to keep your message short and effective.
    The advices given above are right and will help you if you implement them.
    otherwise, i liked the beach as background .

    Good Luck.

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    Hi, I like the design of your squeeze page. One thing that I would suggest is to change the button. Maybe to a yellow and with different font as well. I would also include a graphic of the eBook. If you dont have one, the you can go to Fiverr and get it for only $5. I would also change the favicon and the page title on the tab.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your project
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    I've found that if you just ask for an email, you will get higher opt ins. It's easier to only enter just an email and psychologically and subconsciously people will always feel more inclined to opt in if it's just an email.
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      I agree with both Alexa. I agree with both the quotes she commented on. I would add one more thing, your email subscriber field and call to action button needs to be above the fold. The bigger the call to action button is the better response I have found.

      I generally do not like the backgrounds that are being used a lot these days with the beach house, pool, fancy cars or cash, they scream "snake oil sales man" and my pages have done better with no background, but this one is very mild and even pleasant, good choice.

      ~ Jen P :}
      a.k.a. "The I.M. Sweetie"

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    In my own opinion, the conversion would be better if there are a ebook cover
    People like visual base, so they would take action to get a visual stuff.
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  • It almost doesn't matter what we say if it works (converts) so test it, but my gut feeling is it's busy so do a test against one with way less copy see how it performs. Good luck.

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    Cheesy beach image..check.
    Use of the words "secret, hidden"...check.
    No actual tidbits about what's inside...check.
    4 lines of text headline, particularly in a color that doesn't remotely match the rest of the page...check.

    You have successfully built the "standard internet marketer landing page." Congratulations, you will successfully catch every freebie seeker and serial refunder on the internet.
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      Just for the sake of saying it. bring your lower text in a box next to your optin, and run your headline across the whole page:

      Download and DiscoveraaaaaaaaaaaaaOPT_INaaaaaa

      Doing this might just place ALL of your content on the page above the fold!
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Looks okay, there's some small stuff I would change but people have said it already. You got to keep in mind that no matter what people will say it might boost your conversions rate a little bit, or you might get lucky. People here don't know how succesful your squeeze page you'll be or how much conversion you'll get, in order to get good conversions rate you must test it then optimize it, that's the key.

    So don't spend any other minute thinking, and searching about how you could make it better, first TEST and get it out there.
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    I would lose this:

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    Originally Posted by richardharris36 View Post

    I am new to internet email marketing and I have just created my first squeeze page to start and build my list and promote a product.

    Would appreciate some reviews from the pro's out there.

    My Page link: landing page 2014/10/08

    Maybe there is TOO much text.

    You always want your headline to do most of the hard work for you and
    get you that email pretty snappy.

    But TEST this baby to the hills first of course.

    Don't just take mine or anyone else word for it.

    You may be surprised at what your testing brings in terms of results.

    It certainly looks FRESH and stands out from most of the squeeze page temps
    you see online at the moment.


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      I like the look & the wordage though sometimes less is more so maybe try a split test with leaving out the bottom half of the page.

      If you are expecting to get opt ins from newbies they can be scared off by "earn millions" etc because it's too far removed for most people.

      Words like extra income/residual income/start your own business/time freedom etc tend to attract newbies & those in their 1st year of internet marketing.

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