i need your honest advice about my review site

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Can somebody judge my review site.

And also how i build my list...

Go here = trainhardlivesimple.com

I admit that my mistake is:

1)my English is not good =

that's why I'm hiring a translator to make this review copy

2)the graphic is not good=

I'm still noob about editing a website eventhough I'm using a authority pro

3)exit pop out squeeze page is no good at all=

That's why im still waiting for somebody who can edit it again

and put it on top of my website...

But i think I'm already nail the point of review site because

Who am I

My experience using the product

My result so far(I'm still in use)

Detail about the product/what you got

How it works

Difference between other product

Negative and positive

And more I'm already put in there....

So please sir/madam, even in a harsh word just give me your honest advice
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    Just learn how to write a salesletter and transform that into one.
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      Originally Posted by Jack Sarlo View Post

      Just learn how to write a salesletter and transform that into one.
      For your informatiom,that's not a sales page sir,

      its a review page...

      Yeah i know,it looks like a sales page because of the long review copy..

      But i need that because i want to show my credibility

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    Yes, you're reviewing some muscle building program - with a bit of copywriting you can certainly make the page better - you're right it won't be like a normal salesletter.

    You do have the content, you just have to group things together, rephrase things... and for instance put a headline at the top not text - basic copywriting tutorials should help you.

    As a freelancer I just rewrote copy like that myself, I can't link to my one pages though otherwise I show you a before and after look to get an idea how it should look like. Btw I'm not for hire...
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      Wow, that's a literal wall of text.

      It really needs organization before anything else. Tables, sidebars, etc. You need a web designer more than a proofreader. Or find a WYSIWYG design program to do it yourself if you're not familiar with HTML and scripting
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    If you already know that your target market identifies with the idea of "training hard and living simple," then that domain name may be appropriate. But if you haven't uncovered that from detailed research ... that domain name may be killing your sales.

    Work1099 Simplifies Self-Employment.

    Get 600+ Proven Business Models and Money-Making Ideas at: http://work1099.com
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    There are 8 things you should improve.
    1)Make a better meta description
    2)Optimize your HTML for H1 and H2 headers
    3)Check all images for ALT attribute
    4)Improve internal linking
    5)Add proper sitemap.xml file
    6)Get some "Like it!" clicks
    7)Share your website on Facebook
    8)Get some Google +1 clicks
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    Some quick tips:

    1) Improve your site speed.

    I did some quick tests using Pingdom and GTmetrix and it's really slow compared to the average load speed of sites.

    Try to get that to under 5 seconds and it will be better.

    2) Improve overall design and colors:
    The first thing you see on the site is red colored letters against a black background. That really hurt the eyes!

    If you are not good at design you can just install an open source software like Wordpress and put a free theme that works for your site.

    3) Layout seems like a sales letter.
    While it's a review the layout seems too similar to a sales letter. Installing Wordpress with a blog theme will solve this.
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    I have just visited your review site. It is about body building product review. I have found that it is a one page website. I think you should re-arrange your reviews. When you are going to write a review, you should follow these steps
    1.You should buy or use that product.

    2.Use concrete examples based on the way you used the product.
    3.Talk about what you liked AND what you didn't like about the product.
    These are the most important part of writing a review.
    For your website I suggest you to create a Facebook fan page. It is a big source of getting traffic also try on other social networking sites.

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    Check out "Launch Cam" as well! wanna be in the next show? go! catch me if you can! ;)

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