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Hi guys, I wrote a book, and now checking some options on where and how to sell it. I'm very new to marketing and copywriting and I any imput would be highly apreciated.

Please don't mind the language errors (non-native) as they will be corrected after the final draft.

The cover is in the attachment, the description under here:

Think about something kinky ;-)
Imagine what would it be like if she gave you everything you ever wanted in the bedroom? Really, take a second to picture all your naughty desires. What can you do to discover the knowledge and power to have all your and her sexual needs met?
The Primal Factor offers no-nonsense and profound answers
What most men fail to 'get' about female sexuality is that, you do not only need to stimulate her body but also her emotions, which tell her 2 very important things: Is he the right guy or Is he a wrong guy?
Only the right guy can lead her into a mind-blowing sexual experience
Only he satisfies the needs that lie at the core of womanhood. These desires - every woman hopes to see fulfilled - are lust & trust. The more you fulfil them, the more she gives in into her deepest primal urges.
Become her right guy in 5 steps
Her right guy takes her to an exciting emotional ride. You will learn what this emotional ride means and how to give her a thrilling ride before, during and after sex through the use of the 'Sexual Rollercoaster Model'.
Step 1 - Triggering her primal desires
Understand and develop the right traits to make her want to go on that wild, kinky and steamy ride.
Step2 - Emotional foreplay
Shift her rational mind-set into an emotional one, as it is far for more productive to get her in the mood.
Step 3 - Creating emotional & physical intimacy
Create emotional intimacy through a kiss and use this connection to deepen the physical intimacy
Step 4 - Sex
Emotional sex: Use dirty and sweet talk and learn how to realize sexual fantasies with words but also in reality.
Physical sex: Stimulate the 4 zones that lead to orgasm and squirting with your tongue, fingers and dick.
Continuous orgasmic state: Use 'stacking techniques' to bring her into a blissful primal state of mind.
Step 5 - Emotional bonding
After an intense emotional ride, cool down her emotions in a soothing way and learn the different ways to bond in a sexual relationship.
When understanding these 5 universal steps, you will
· Create a very strong sexual and emotional connection
· Make her give in to all her and your sexual fantasies
· Feel more masculine, powerful and liberated
· Have the kinds of relationships you truly want

Stay updated about the progress and whereabouts of Stan Findus, check: facebook/twitter/www.primallovers.com

Thanks for reading!
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    There is absolutely nothing in this that isn't already in a million other sales copy/descriptions/etc.

    There is no hook, the train of logic has holes and is disconnected, and it is vague.

    If English is not your native language then strongly consider hiring a copywriter, otherwise you will always be aiming for the nail*, but will never hit it quite right.
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      Thanks for the honest advice!
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