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by Aronya
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I'm working on an article about the differences between marketing and selling, and would like a little help from y'all to create some bullet points. Can you suggest maybe 2 or 3 for the following?

The Best Marketing:

The idea is to describe what good marketing does.

Thanks in advance
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    - Reaches your intended target for as small a cost as possible.
    - Grabs your targets attention.
    - Gives them your benefits.
    - Compells your target to take action (any action: contact you, get more information and maybe even buy!)

    Good marketing is also a repetition. I think i read something that once said people need to see something 3 times before they pay attention to your message.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    The Best Marketing multiplies salesmanship and makes it easier for the sales person to sell. That could be an actual sales person, or a salesman in print (sales letter).

    -- Product research and design (if it is not in the product it ain't gonna be in copy)
    -- Intelligence on the wants, desires, and hot buttons of a target customer
    -- Responsibility for developing a system with the goal of increasing Lifetime Customer Value, Share of Wallet, and Word of Mouth

    Marketing starts before the first line of copy or the first contact with the customer. Sales people can close the sale. Marketing insures they do so in a way that insures the is a constant stream of sales.

    Closing the sale can so alienate the customer they never do business with you again. Good sale. Bad marketing.

    Having a sales person in front of a customer is an expensive proposition. Capturing the essence of the best sales person and multiplying that throughout the organization is the job of marketing.
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    Thanks for the input, guys! Anybody else want to throw in their 2cts?
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    Originally Posted by Aronya View Post

    Can you suggest maybe 2 or 3 for the following? The Best Marketing:
    I think this web page will help a lot. It's a pretty useful resource (not mine I hasten to add). You can also find a lot of inspiration by hunting through the links on my Twitter page (see somewhat immodest signature below ).

    66 ways to get links (and traffic) to your site.

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    @megaresp: Thanks for the link. Looks like it will come in handy.

    @razedFrost: Gracias. I especially like the last one.

    Thanks all!
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      1st rule in marketing and sales (though not often followed) - listen to the customer.

      Now to respond to YOUR question on the differences

      Marketing depending on how many P's you like is about pricing, promotion, place, product. You collect information about the market and make decisions on pricing, where and how to market the product, where to distribute your product, what your product should be (features, specifications etc).

      Selling is the process of making the sale - the sales page if you're online or direct mail, the salesperson when dealing face to face. The job here is to communicate to the prospect the benefits, reasons why the product adds value to their life, why your offer is the best one for them so they make the decision to complete the transaction and cement the relationship.

      That's pretty rough - but hope that makes the picture clearer. Sometimes its not clear because people use marketing and sales interchangeably but they're different processes that are closely tied to each other.
      Scary good...
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        Try doing a Google search on each of your terms. Click on several sites and take notes on the results.

        This should help you get a clearer idea of how various folks interpret each one.


        "Sell the Magic of A Dream"

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    Marketing is a process and creates desire.

    Selling is a face to face event to get someone to buy.

    What's the saying... a good marketing process makes a salesman's job easy
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  • The best marketing

    *is innovative yet timeless
    *results when the customer feels heard, valued and appreciated for his or her desire to achieve specific goals
    *when the marketer professionally provides what the client really need to achieve his or her goals

    How about that?
    Astounding Writing Coach
    Why do personal development, self-help, natural wellness and hypnosis small business owners regularly hire me for my engaging, intuitive, creative content writing skills? Because that's what I passionately do best.
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    I will expalin like this:

    The best marketing is:

    When you explain the obvious like it was an amazing issue.
    When you convince the others even when they know you want to convince them.
    When you change otherĀ“s mind only because they trust you.

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