How would you respond on Craigslist?

by Tony M
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I've been noticing on Craigslist lately that people are
actually posting ads wanting to hire someone for
a side gig like web design/graphic design ...etc.

My question is...

How would you reply to their ad?

You have to figure that there are probably dozens of
people replying to that same ad.

How could you stand out in their inbox?
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    It's all about salesmanship dude.

    You gotta catch their attention, be different, be unique, give them reasons why, etc...

    Again, sell yourself.

    Just like any other sales communication... it's all about the lead. You gotta send
    something that will hook 'em in and stand out. You need a great lead.

    And remember... no one ever buys a product or service.

    They buy what it will accomplish.

    So most times, if you lead with that and find a way to say it so you stand out... you'll rise
    above others who send the same old shit....

    "Hey I'm John and I've been designing for 12 years, blah blah blah"

    This person on Craigslist is already motivated. That's why they posted.

    Your job is to find out what will really hit them in the gut.

    And then write something that shows this person how he/she can get
    what he/she wants through your service.

    15 seconds — that’s how long you’ve got to grab their attention.

    So for me, personally, I just try to lead with something that's SO
    important to THAT person... he/she would feel foolish if they didn't
    read/open your email.
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    Great share Shawn. I would just add that you should do some research on their website and on Google about their business. It shows some initiative and shows that you are eager to learn more about their business and online presence. Mention some of what you learned in your message to them. That will surely help you stand out from all the generic, blind responses they will be receiving.
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  • I've responded to many such ads on Craigslist over the years of people looking for someone with my skills, PPC marketing. I've had a few responses and some work.

    I use the same pitch I use on freelance sites tailoring to the specifics. My low response rate could be for many reasons. On freelance sites, I think most are looking for cheap. On CL, they are more likely looking for local.

    One responder some years ago said he had over 70 responses from all over the world. He contacted me because I had the best response and it was not canned. You can't just say "I can do that". You are doing a sales job and you need to convince the reader you are best for the job. In the web designer and graphic design fields, posters can expect more responses, probably hundreds from all over. That's your competition so you have to rise up above them.

    I also put such an ad about three years ago. Can't remember how many responses I had, maybe 20 or so, and most were crap. None convinced me that they were the person for the job. One was even local to me, just a few minutes walk away. However, her written English was terrible and this for a marketing job. I never responded back to any, even to say thanks but no thanks. I came close of telling the local woman something but held back.
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